[Top rated / 100 Warranty] Radio ready song production, or instrumental beats for $250

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[Top rated / 100 Warranty] Radio ready song production, or instrumental beats for $250


I offer you my service as a music producer / beat maker for a wide variety of genres including: Hip Hop / R'n'B / Trap / House / Lofi / Breakbeat / Techno / Rock / Indie / Pop

I offer 100% warranty so if you are not happy with my outcome you'll get refunded (never happened though :) )

I can either make you just a beat or make it and produce the vocals on it. I can also mix it and master it. I can also provide contacts for a partner that does orchestral compositions and complex arrangements.
These services have diferent prices.

I am a musician from Argentina who has had an inmense taste span for music my whole life, so I can offer you interesting blends and mixes.

My studio is composed mainly of digital audio sources in addition to guitar, basses and percusion recording.

The way we will work is, you send me sources of reference for the mood and style of the track, or simply specify them, and I start working on it. As i come up with an idea i will start sending you updates, so that corrections can be made on the go. You can send me your vocal recordings and I will fit them in the song, adding processing and fx to them.

MY MAIN GOAL IS FOR YOU TO BE HAPPY WITH MY WORK, so extra revisions are not a problem, that's the reason for my 7 day delivery schedule, if less revisions are needed and buyer replies quickly the delivery time can be shorter.

Here I show you some of my work so you can have a reference of how i sound.

  • Hip Hop
  • Trap
  • Pop
  • Electronic
  • EDM
  • Funk

Lofi Instrumental Hip Hop

Production and Mix
  • Lofi Instrumental Hip Hop
  • Lofi Instrumental Hip Hop 2
  • Yerba - Mandate (Vintage Pop)
  • Yerba - Aye (Electronic)
  • Yerba - Pañal (Hip Hop / Rap)

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