Trap/HipHop/R&B TrapSoul/Pop Custom and Pre-Produced for $200

In Beat Makers 100% Guarantee By G H O S T

Trap/HipHop/R&B TrapSoul/Pop Custom and Pre-Produced for $200


I Produce, Compose, Mix / Master and Write :

TrapHipHop/R&B/TrapSoul/Pop for artists and media.

I'd love to help you fulfill your sonic dreams in any of these areas!

This service includes:
1. Creating the beats and backing music for your song.
2. Delivery of all tracks/files used in the arrangement as an .Mp3 and or separate tracks in .WAV format

This service does NOT include:
1. Topline melody writing
2. Lyric writing
3. Vocal recording
4. Mixing and mastering
However, if these additional services are required, check out and order from my other Service Listing Pages separate from this page. (These include Beats, Song Production, Song Writing, Rapping or Vocal Production, Mixing)

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