An original Retrowave/Synthwave/Nu-Disco instrumental for $200

In Beat Makers 100% Guarantee By Luigi

An original Retrowave/Synthwave/Nu-Disco instrumental for $200

Ciao! I'm Luigi aka Disquette•s, an electronic music producer with 15+ years of experience, and I'm ready to do the retro-magic.

Do you know 80's music? Do you know Synthwave? Sure you know, that's because you are here.

I'm obsessed with 80's music, I musically grew up with New Wave, Synth-pop and Italo disco records.

You can name a subgenre, you can show me a style reference, if you like, and I will produce a ready-to-go catchy Retrowave original instrumental track.

You will get the highest level of retro-inspired electronic music. Mastering is also included.

If you like: Stranger Things, Neon Indian, Starcadian, Com Truise, M83, Chvrches, Tesla Boy, Chromatics, Daft Punk, FM Attack, Lazerhawk, Carpenter Brut, Miami Nights 1984, LCD Soundsystem, Mitch Murder, MGMT, Scandroid, Kavinsky, Waveshaper, Gunship, The Midnight, Timecop1983, Droid Bishop, Dana Jean Phoenix.

My music is into Retrowave, Synthwave, Dreamwave, Popwave, Chillwave, Glo-fi, Hypnagogic Pop, Nu-Disco, and Synth Pop subgenres.

Please contact me before placing your order.

A Space for You

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