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Hi, I'm Mark Corradetti.
I offer pro electric bass tracks from my studio location from South Florida every day. Please contact me so we can discuss it. I work in various genres, several renowned artists and countless independent other artists worldwide. I've been nominated for a grammy nominated track for 2021. I've played on 100's of tracks, played "ghost" sessions for several famous players. Some of the styles I am comfortable with are: rock, pop, funk, jazz, world music, R&B, EDM, soft rock, jazz, fusion, singer songwriter music and more. I love communicating with the people I work with ! I come early and stay late. Check out all my satisfied artist's remarks and please ask for any samples of things you'd like to hear!
My goal is to play the right part, not just any old part. I operate Digital Performer 10 for tracking, and have several preamp options and bass choices in my studio to zero in on appropriate bass tone, such as a Wayne Jones pre and Tubetech LCA 2B. I play Fender Jazz Basses, Spector and Sukop basses typically.
The process goes something like this:
You get in touch with me here and tell me a little bit about your project, send me a rough mix of your song(s) what you're going for and then we get going. If you have a chord chart, great, if not, that's ok too. If you have exact notation, that'll work also. I read very well, and improvise freely !

If you have more than one piece of music, I can offer you a great deal. I enjoy doing this and love to hear from artists, and producers from around the world !

  • EDM
  • Pop
  • Funk
  • Rock
  • Jazz
  • Country

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