Professional Bassist - 4/5/Fretless for $80

In Bass By Sam Williams

Professional Bassist - 4/5/Fretless for $80

Are your songs just not grooving like they should? Do you need to slap and pop some soul into your life? Maybe you need something gritty and dirty to get you started... Or perhaps something chilled and fretless may be the answer?

Whatever your bass needs, I would LOVE to help.

Best known for my work with blues, rock and soul band, Cardinal Black, I have amassed a wealth of experience over my 16 years as a bassist. I've been fortunate enough to play venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and Shepherd's Bush Empire as well as recording at studios such as Abbey Road Studios and Rockfield. I've toured extensively through the UK and EU and amassed over 1,000,000 listens on Spotify, earned a #1 single with 'Tell Me How It Feels' and a #1 album with 'January Came Close' by Cardinal Black.

My main influences as a bassist are Pino Palladino, James Jamerson, Bernard Edwards (Chic), Paul Turner (Jamiroquai), Joe Dart (Vulfpeck), and John Giblin (John Martyn).

In my downtime, I love to play on other people's sessions and make their tracks come to life using my expertise. I'm confident in all styles of music but have the most experience in rock, soul, funk, jazz and pop.

I am happy to provide you with two versions of a bass line to use - one dry and one with EQ (how I hear it on your track), as well as two revisions based on your feedback. Your satisfaction guaranteed!

- Fender Precision, Rotosound Flatwounds (vintage, warm tones, from Motown to Pink Floyd)
- 1977 Fender Jazz Bass with Roundwounds (bright and punchy, AMAZING slap bass, from Marcus Miller to The Killers)
- Spector Eurobolt 5 with rounds (bright, active, and the best B string I've ever heard - great for slow, deep ballads as well as out-and-out rock!)
- Rickenbacker 4003 with Rotosound rounds (bright, vintage, punk, prog, from Paul McCartney to Chris Squire)
- Squire Fretless Jazz with La Bella flat wounds and EMG pickups (smooth, articulate, jazzy/folky - John Martyn and Pino Palladino)
- Status Stealth 4 with rounds (Carbon Fibre bodied, Piano-like clarity, slap machine, think Mark King of Level 42)

DIs (into Logic)
- Origin Effects Bassrig Super Vintage (fantastic Ampeg SVT DI)
- Aguilar Tone Hammer (clear, articulate, clean sounding)

Feel free to check out my website - and my instagram (@SamWilliamsBass) to hear my live and session playing.

I'm very accommodating, friendly and can't wait to make your project even better!


  • Rock
  • Soul
  • Funk
  • Blues
  • Jazz

Terra Firma - Cardinal Black

Atmospheric, rock
  • Terra Firma - Cardinal Black
  • Halfway - Cardinal Black
  • I'm Ready - Cardinal Black
  • Ain't My Time - Cardinal Black
  • Frank 1 - The Moon Birds
  • Frank 2 - The Moon Birds

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