Bass tracks for $30

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Rafa Francischangelis

Bass tracks for $30

Hi, my name is Rafael Francischangelis. I´m from Brazil. I have been working in studios since 1999 in the most varied styles such as Rock, Pop, Samba, Bossa Nova and Brazilian Music in general and Blues and Soul, specifically old soul from the 60s and 70s.

My gear is 4 and 5 string basses, good brands like Fender, Michael Tobias Design and a Petinatti Custom Basses. I run my sound through my Avalon U-5 to my Focusrite, Universal Audio Compressors and Equalizers.

I have worked in the studio with many artists, such as Rodrigo José, Gustavo Spínola, Eddie Fernan, Maguerbes, Políticos do Bem, Janaína de Cássia, Mirella Costa and others.

I offer here a recording of one bass line per song, edited, equalized and processed and unlimited review.

  • Blues
  • Metal
  • R&B
  • Soul
  • Rock
  • Latin

Janaína de Cássia - Lembra

  • Janaína de Cássia - Lembra
  • Mirella Costa - Me Deixa em Paz
  • Rodrigo José - Te Amo, Que Mais Posso Dizer
  • Rodrigo José - Amor, Eu Tenho Que Partir
  • Rodrigo José - Só Me Resta a Felicidade
  • Rodrigo José - Meu Ex-Amor
  • Políticos do Bem - Expresso Duplo
  • Políticos do Bem - Cruzada Medieval
  • Maguerbes - Rituais
  • Maguerbes - Agenda
  • Gustavo Spínola - Manhã de Maio
  • Eddie Fernan - Recomeço

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