Professional Bass Recording Online for $55

In Bass By Wagner Delfini

Professional Bass Recording Online for $55

I am a bass player for 20 years with experience in several musical styles.
I'm here to try and make your song sound as great as it can be. I will put my heart and soul into every take.
On my youtube channel you can find some work done.
I currently work with a Brazilian country music singer.
I will deliver two different creative takes within 24 hours.

Fender Jazz Bass American Deluxe V
Squier Modified Fretless Jazz Bass
Crafter Acoustic bass
EBS Microbass II Preamp
Apogee Duet Interface
Logic pro X

  • Gospel
  • Pop-Rock
  • Latin
  • Country
  • R&B
  • Folk

Jazz Bass Slap Funk

Fender American Deluxe v
  • Jazz Bass Slap Funk
  • Pop Fretless Jazz Bass
  • Brazillian Country Music
  • Acoustic Bass

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