2-string Slide Bass, Fretless Bass, or vocals. for $50

In Bass By Monique Ortiz

2-string Slide Bass, Fretless Bass, or vocals. for $50

I have been playing a variety of basses in several genres for 35 years, I mainly play fretless bass and 2-string slide bass, and am a featured in the book “Titans Of Bass” by K.J. Jensen, (along with Mike Watt, Bill Laswell, Trey Gunn, Stu Hamm, Geezer Butler and other greats). I am a songwriter / composer / lyricist, vocalist (lead and backing vocals), best-known for my collaborations with members of the influential Low Rock band Morphine (saxophonist Dana Colley, drummer Jerome Deupree), which include bands Bourbon Princess, A.K.A.C.O.D., and on occasion, Vapors Of Morphine. I was also front woman in the punk blues duo Alien Knife Fight. My gear includes 3 Kubicki Factor fretless basses, 1 Kramer / Kubicki hybrid fretted bass (it’s my equivalent to a Fender Jazz), 1 half-fretless Stick, and 4 different 2-string slide basses in different tunings. Amps: 1 Bergantino Forté, and a 1970 Ampeg SVT. For DAW I’m currently running ProTools 12. Pedalboard: Digitech JamMan deluxe delay / looper, Electro-Harmonix Bass Mircosynth, Wren & Cuff Elephant Skin distortion, Digitech Obscura Delay, and Electro-Harmonix 720 Looper. Typically people hire me for my own original style and sound, but I am able to do more traditional bass playing for more mainstream and commercial projects. I do not sight read, but am a quick study with a keen ear; I can learn existing bass parts on demos, or can write something in short order if necessary. If my first take isn’t satisfactory I am willing to do 2 revisions.

  • Rock
  • Punk
  • Ambient
  • Blues
  • EDM
  • Singer-Songwriter

Pantegana Playground

I wrote, mixed, and played all instruments.
  • Pantegana Playground
  • Some Girls by Alien Knife Fight
  • Wreckin Rain
  • You There?

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