Record Professional Bass For Your Song for $60

In Bass By Theo Prior

Record Professional Bass For Your Song for $60


I am a professional UK bass player who has had the pleasure to work with many artists live and in the studio. I love playing on new tracks and enjoy helping you take your track to a new level! I work in all genres and love exploring new music.


With technology being so good, I record mostly from home on my laptop going through a Presonus interface.

For basses I use a Jazz Bass, P Bass, or a short scale with flats depending on the song.

What is delivered?

HQ Audio 24Bit 48.000khz (Other formats available if desired.)
Bass track with FX, mixed & mastered.
Bass track dry with no FX, mixing or mastering.
MP3 Demo of bass in your track.

  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Neo soul
  • Rock
  • Reggae
  • R&B

New Funk Order

Blues Funk
  • New Funk Order
  • Worm Time
  • Surfing in Sunlight
  • Lee Ho
  • Tricky Monkey

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