Upright Bass, 5-string, Fretless Bass, P bass, J bass for $100

In Bass By Nathan Peck

Upright Bass, 5-string, Fretless Bass, P bass, J bass for $100

Upright bass, electric bass, fretless bass tracks, custom for you! I will work with you on the exact type of bass parts and sound you want until you are happy.
And you will be happy with what I can provide!

Biography-Nathan Peck is a top tier NYC bass player and a session ace who is equally at home on acoustic bass, electric bass and doubles on guitar. He has performed with Maynard Ferguson, Bonnie Tyler, Alex Skolnick, Shawn Pelton, Joel Frahm, Roger Humphries, Jimmy Ponder and in a two-time U. S. Jazz Ambassador.

His amazing sound can be heard on guitarist Alex Skolnick’s album “Conundrum “ (Palmetto Records) available on all streaming platforms. His breadth of stylistic coverage include swing, jazz, modern jazz, singer-songwriter, funk, rock, blues, country, bluegrass, reggae, samba, salsa, merengue, odd-time and mixed meter. In addition threat bass playing, he is highly skilled at beat making, editing, mixing and production.

Acoustic Bass: Prepare to be amazed by the sound of a 1910 Pfretzschner 7/8 double bass with gut G and D strings providing that sweet thunderous golden age tone.

Electric Bass: Sadowsky 5 string (the best session bass ever created!) Get ready to experience deep lows, focused mids and clear highs provided by Nathan’s Sadowsky NYC 5 string Precision and 5 string Jazz basses! The right sound, sitting perfectly in the mix. Also available: 1963 Fender Precision

Guitars: Fender Strat SSS, HH, HSS,
Godin A6, Hofner Jazz Guitar

Other services include: Keyboards, Roland V-Drums, beat making, editing, mixing, production.

Interface: UAD Apollo Quad Core

Mics: DPA , Audiobook Technica, Warm Audio, Groove Tubes
FX: octave, filter, chorus, distortion, reverb, delay, more…

  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Funk
  • Electronic
  • R&B
  • Singer-Songwriter

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