Electric Bass Professional recording. for $30

In Bass By Santiago Lorenzo

Electric Bass Professional recording. for $30

I have more than 15 years of experience playing and recording electric bass. Although I continue to learn every day from my colleagues with whom I have the pleasure of working. I am open to listen to all kinds of suggestions and adapt to each style.
I record at home, where I have all the essential equipment to do an excellent job. Anyway, I have my own studio where I can go to record if I need to do it in a more appropriate place.
I hope you can trust me.

Gear Used:
Swan Custom Bass 5 strings
Swan Custom Bass 4 strings
Brunetti Fretless Bass 4 strings
Markbass Amplification
Markbass Cabinets
Focusrite Interfaces
AKG Studio Headphones
Kwc Cable
Apple Macbook Pro (Logic Pro)

  • Funk
  • Pop-Rock
  • Neo soul
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Trap

B Metro (Blues Metropolitano)

Los Despejes de Insaurralde
  • B Metro (Blues Metropolitano)

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