Electric and Upright Bass to your song in a profesional audio HQ for $10

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Hernán Cassibba

Electric and Upright Bass to your song in a profesional audio HQ for $10

I have worked with the most important jazz musicians from the scene in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as well as incredible artists from the pop-rock scene. I have recorded on more than 30 albums of different genres such as jazz, funk, pop, rock, metal, progressive rock, fusion, folk, etc. I have been working as a professional musician, composer, arranger and bassist-contrabassist for 20 years. Regarding the work process; the client sends me the track, and if possible a sheet with the chords, and a track, or 2, as a reference of the type of bass they want. Once we close this process, in 1 day I send you the track, and you can make 1 review. I send you a take with the bass already mixed, so you can later modify it as you like.

72´Fender P-bass
2012 Fender Jazz Bass American Special
Daniel´s Fretless Bass
- Flat Strings Available

Upright Bass:
German bass (1890) 3-4 , french bow, tomastick spirocore medium.
Realist piezzo mic.
DPA 4099 condenser microphone.

2012 Fender Stratocaster American

Available effect pedals:
OC2 Boss

Available Amplifiers:
Mark Bass NY121
TC Electronics RH750

Available DI/preamp boxes:
Avalon U5
Aguilar Tone Hammer

Recording System and Hardware:
Apple iMac w/2.93 GHz Intel Core i7 processor
Ableton Live 11
Focusrite Itrack SOLO

  • Pop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Hip Hop
  • Folk
  • Trap
  • Funk


Funk Track
  • Funk

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