Solid and colourful bassplaying for your songs for $60

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Oliver Søe Kristensen

Solid and colourful bassplaying for your songs for $60

Bass player from Denmark with 14 years of experience. I play mainly in a pop/rock/R&B/soul environment, where my solid timefeel and simple, yet effective, playing approach shines.

If you would like to bring you song to life with live bass, you've come to the right place. My focus is on getting the right tone for your song's sonic landscape and on creating the perfect bassline, that supports the song and your vision as an artist.

I work from my home studio, where I use everything from vintage P-basses and old Gibsons to spanking new active 5-strings to fretless hollowbodies. I record into a Universal Audio Apollo Twin interface and provide both a clean DI and/or several amp- and/or effects-tracks, depending on the needs of you and your song. I'm comfortable playing by ear, creating bass parts from chord sheets and with reading notation. The tracks I deliver will be comped and edited and ready to import into your project.

Check out my Instagram-account @osk.wav, where I often post videos of me playing.

Feel free to message me before placing your order, I would love to answer any questions you might have!

  • Hip Hop
  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Soul
  • R&B

Drifting - Galaxy Cult

  • Drifting - Galaxy Cult
  • Temptation - Galaxy Cult
  • What's the use - Mac Miller
  • Soul ostinato
  • Cool - Dua Lipa
  • Would U Like U If U Met U - Galaxy Cult

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