Bass for all styles Fretted, Fretless, Upright for $60

In Bass 100% Guarantee By jkeithwilkinson

Bass for all styles Fretted, Fretless, Upright for $60

Music is a universal art form, and your song is your opportunity to express yourself to the world; and I want to be a part of your expression. Bass is the foundation of which the musical household is built. In my hands your song will have a sturdy foundation that caters to whatever you want to build on it.

About Me:
I am a session bassist from Windsor, Ontario. I currently am involved in many performing groups in the area. I am also involved with the major recording studios in the area. I am a graduate of the University of Windsor, obtaining my Bachelor of Music with focus on Classical and Jazz on the double bass. I have had the fortune of performing many styles, ranging from Classical to Country, Metal to Folk, Jazz to Rock. If there is bass, I want to play it.

Fender Precision Bass (with or without flats, as per request)
Fender Jass Bass (with or without flats, as per request)
Spector Euro 6 EX LX
Dalbello KW-00 (custom 5 string, active/passive, single coil/humbucker)
Avalon U5
SanSamp Driver DI
Assortment of effect/drive pedals
Focusrite Interface

I like to have as many sounds available to me as possible, that way I can achieve any sound desired for any project. I am completely open to any suggestions that pertain to your song, It is your sound, and I am here to make the low-end happen for you.

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