Bass guitar with vintage tones for $100

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Richard Aitken

Bass guitar with vintage tones for $100

Professional player with oodles of credits (bands, films and video games) under my belt. Most comfortable with vintage styles (think Motown or Beatles), Lalo Schifrin style funk (none of that modern junk for me!!), Macca style swoops and slap bass just cus I can do it and do it well!! haha. Also pretty nifty at Stooges style riffing or stoner vibes. I am your ideal man and have been sampled by the likes of Amon Tobin, Ninja Tunes and UNKLE

Gear includes Fender Bassman amp, Mark bass amp, 60s Vox bass amp, Matamp.

Fender Precision, Gibson Thunderbird, Gibson Ripper, Hofner.

Mics - Neumanns and Ribbons into 1073s or Neve console or Thermioninc culture with compressions from Cranesong, Chiswick Reach and Empirical labs. Can record to Ampex tape if you so wish :)

  • Soul
  • Funk

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