Professional Quality Bespoke Fretless or Fretted Bass Guitar Tracks for $30

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Alex Kempson On The Bass

Professional Quality Bespoke Fretless or Fretted Bass Guitar Tracks for $30

I am a session bass player from London with 10 years of experience on both fretted and fretless electric bass across a wide variety of musical genres, including: jazz, pop, metal, rock, country, R'n'B and funk.

Over my career I have played with artists such as: Joe Asteroid, Lauren Ackie, Emily White, Laurelight and many more all across the UK at festivals such as the Sound City festival in Liverpool and the Camden Rocks festival in London. I studied a HNC in music performance at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London where I was awarded the title of best bassist and I have just completed my BMus Popular music performance degree at the same institution.

This fee gets you one bass track with up to three revisions. Edits and takes are not an issue as what matters to me is being able to create the best bass track I can for you.

Bulk discounts are available if you wish to do more than one song.

Gear list:
Basses -
- Fender Player 5 string Jazz Bass (strung with roundwound strings)
- Ibanez SRMS 5 string (modded with Hipshot ultra-lite tuners and strung with a high-C string and roundwound strings)
- Ibanez Talman short scale bass (modded with schaller bridge and tuners, new electronics and DiMarzio vintage voiced pickups, strung with flatwound strings)
- Sire Marcus Miller V7 fretless 5 string (strung with flatwound strings)

Pedals -
The main pedals I use to achieve my bass tone are:
- Line 6 HX Stomp
- Darkglass B7K Ultra V2 Preamp
- Earthquaker Devices Warden Compressor
I have a number of other pedals at my disposal as well and am happy to offer a more detailed inventory upon request.

Amps -
- EBS Reidmar 750

I can also produce a high quality transcription of the part I play in both standard notation and tab which I can send to you as a PDF if required.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping to take your music to the next level.

  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Soul
  • Country
  • R&B
  • Metal

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