Bass Lines: Pay What You Want During COVID-19 Lockdown for $75

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Jordan Ardoin

Bass Lines: Pay What You Want During COVID-19 Lockdown for $75


Whether you need a simple bass line or you want to get real weird with it, I'm your guy. I've recorded with a variety of bands in world class studios and worked with Grammy winning engineers, producers, and artists. I'm here to give you what you want, how you want it.

I specialize in Americana (Folk, Country, Blues, etc.) and Singer-Songwriter music, but I've performed with and written for bands that play Rock, Metal, Funk, Worship and everything in between.

My current set up is very simple, but keep in mind, I have access to a variety of borrowed gear through my network, so don't be afraid to ask for a specific piece of gear even if it's not listed here.

Spector Forte 5 Helium
Univox 70s P Bass (w/ flats)

Genzler Magellan 350

Studio Gear:
A-Designs REDDI 1
Forcusrite Scarlett 18i20

This service is for one (1) track and allows for up to three (3) revisions. I will include up to three (3) samples at a time; usually, I will provide a sample of simply serving the song, a sample with a little pizazz, and finally, a sample of what I would personally put on the track if it was up to me (my personal expression). From there, we can decide on a single line, mix of the samples, an edit, or total revision. I'll keep all session files, so I'm happy to rerecord for the track down the line if you find you want a different tone, etc.

High/Low - Will Payne Harrison

  • High/Low - Will Payne Harrison
  • The Bar Is Closed
  • Victim & Villain - The Rayo Brothers

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