Fretless Bass for Any Genre for $50

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Emma E Steen

Fretless Bass for Any Genre for $50

I'm an experienced session bassist, have been in numerous bands over the years (Prosody, The Mother Shipton Prophets' Guild, Pandafan, Green Tongue Twist, Heart's Story, One Man Vibe Machine), and have done session work for several solo artists (Sarah Gross, Rachel Chevat, Ariana McGinn).

I use a custom fretless Epiphone Thunderbird IV Pro, a Focusrite Scarlett Solo, and Logic.
I'll send over five or six takes per revision (including the initial takes!) so you can splice/comp at your own discretion. All takes will be completely clean, unless you want otherwise.
My pedalboard is as follows:
Malekko Comp>Cry Baby>MXR Bass Overdrive>Source Audio Multiband Distortion>EHX Holy Grail>MXR Analog Delay.

I'll do 2 revisions of my initial bass part, and if it's a relatively simple/short song, I'll do a third :)

The genres I'm most well-versed in are folk, progressive rock, art-rock, and singer-songwriter pop, though I've played funk, blues, and various other genres for several sessions.

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