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Warner/Nettwerk Records Session Bassist for $60

In Bass 100% Guarantee By cberthoud

Warner/Nettwerk Records Session Bassist for $60

First Time Clients: $40

I have recorded albums for: Warner/Chappell Production Music, Dreamlife (platinum producer), Nettwerk Records and had my original music appear on national TV (Univision) . I have completed over 600 recordings on AirGigs alone, with only 5-star reviews.
Guaranteed takes within 48 hours
Multiple takes for more bass line options
Rapid, responsive communication
Clean, clear signal obtained with the highest-quality gear and plugins (see below)
ANY style - I have recorded on hundreds of songs of all different styles (please listen to my audio samples)
Genuine care for your song - I want your song to be great, for the sake of good music, your career, my career, everything. I will do everything I can to ensure that my bass line elevates your song to a new level and helps you achieve the sound you are looking for.

If you have not worked with me before, please see my other service "Special Offer - first song for $40". For a limited time only, I am making a special offer whereby your first song is $40. After that, I will charge $60 for each song.

LeFay D-Tuner Bass (4-string)
LeFay D-Tuner Piccolo Bass
MusicMan Stingray (5-string)
Muckelroy Fretless Bass (4-string)
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Interface (includes a great preamp)
Universal Audio plugins

The LeFay has such a great sound that I need minimal gear. It has a built-in preamp, and even when I record with top producers, they usually just use the natural sound of the bass with some EQ and compression.

I have a great technical command of the bass, allowing me to play simple or busy, while always locking in with the groove. Just listen to my Soundcloud and satisfied customers!

I can read charts or learn the song by ear.

Thanks for reading!

Also need guitar for your track? Try piccolo bass instead! I'll do a package deal - $70 for a bass line and piccolo bass on your song. Watch my video to hear what the piccolo bass sounds like.

Pop 1

  • Pop 1
  • Middle-Eastern
  • Smooth Jazz
  • Soul (5-string)
  • Metal
  • Latin Jazz
  • Pop Rock
  • Pop 3
  • Pop - Funky Basslines
  • Alt Rock
  • Pop 2
  • Ambient (5-string)
  • Reggae

371 Reviews

  1. Review By: Kenneth Jul 14, 2019

    Great playing and extremely quick turnover , I highly recommend Charles for any type of music!

  2. Review By: bjricher Jul 13, 2019

    Truly amazing playing and quality of recording!
    Thanks Jim

  3. Review By: kevinvirgil Jul 12, 2019

    Excellent work - just what I needed for this song! Highly recommended!

  4. Review By: bjricher Jul 9, 2019

    Another great selection of takes, precision playing and great tone!
    Thanks again Charles we will be calling on you again!

  5. Review By: bjricher Jul 8, 2019

    Big shout out to Charles he worked with a backing track that had some issues and like a pro, performed some great tracks for our song "The Thing About You". Now the tough part is picking which of the fantastic takes we like the best!
    Jim Kraneveldt

  6. Review By: Krobinson Jun 29, 2019

    I cannot express enough on how amazing this guy is. His playing style and tone are fabulous and always gives us exactly what we are looking for. Superb job man. Expect to hear back from us soon.

  7. Review By: financiallizard Jun 28, 2019

    Excellent professional work. Thank You.

  8. Review By: LondonSi Jun 27, 2019

    Great basslines as always!! Highly recommended.

  9. Review By: philjordan Jun 23, 2019

    Charles really played awesome and apt to the style of what I wanted ! 10 out of 10 thank you Charles : )

  10. Review By: Jsmith1128 Jun 22, 2019

    Charles continues to amaze me - rare talent... can’t recall how many tunes we have done together now, but I can tell you how many I’ll ask him to play on going forward: every single one of them! True professional

  11. Review By: DeeLunar Jun 19, 2019

    Fantastic bass player, highly recommended

  12. Review By: DeeLunar Jun 19, 2019

    Professional , talented and friendly

  13. Review By: psfinnmusic Jun 18, 2019

    Thank you! I'll send you the finished song when it's done.. But it will be a long while!

  14. Review By: scobriggs Jun 16, 2019

    Charles played an amazing Jaco inspired track absolutely top notch!

  15. Review By: ccomet Jun 15, 2019

    That was good and fast Thank you Charles, another great Job

    Chris Comet

  16. Review By: rmani Jun 14, 2019

    Creative, powerful technique and rock solid!

  17. Review By: LC2019 Jun 14, 2019

    The best!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  18. Review By: scobriggs Jun 13, 2019

    Fantastic arrangement, incredible player!

  19. Review By: DKerr Jun 12, 2019

    Charles always turns in a thoughtful, well executed performance. Could not be happier.

  20. Review By: Davecork Jun 11, 2019

    Charles is the consummate professional...he delivers on time every time and always delivers stellar work that enhances whatever you send him. Thank you Charles for being one of the absolute best on this site. It's always great to have you on a track. 5 stars every time.
    best regards, Dave

  21. Review By: smshaler Jun 9, 2019

    Outstanding work! Charles gave me multiple takes so I have several options for the track. Really impressed, Highly recommend!

  22. Review By: Krobinson Jun 9, 2019

    Ok... I threw a harder one at Charles this time and he knocked it out of the park. Will always be my go-to guy for any project. Awesome work man!

  23. Review By: Krobinson Jun 1, 2019

    Wow! Amazing work. I am definitely going to hire again. Very clean work and great tone. His playing style is superb. Awesome job man!

  24. Review By: TheFlow May 26, 2019

    It is by no accident that Charles has so many 5 star reviews; he is top notch! We had the pleasure of having Charles record bass to 8 songs on our album and he did a fantastic job. We worked very closely together to flesh out bass lines and he was extremely patient and accommodating when we requested very meticulous changes. His playing is solid, the recording quality is great, and he does an amazing job of composing fresh bass lines . Highly recommend! Thanks again Charles, you rock!

  25. Review By: LC2019 May 21, 2019

    Fast, Professional, and Stellar!!

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  26. Review By: scobriggs May 21, 2019

    Charles is an amazing bass player, he nails the track every time!

  27. Review By: LondonSi May 14, 2019

    Excellent bass playing as always, highly recommended.

  28. Review By: joeworshiper May 13, 2019

    Excellent work as always!!! My go to bass player for all my projects.

  29. Review By: cailowe May 12, 2019

    Amazing job as usual. Thank you!

  30. Review By: LC2019 May 11, 2019

    Awesome! Major talent. Excellent communications and product was delivered super timely! We needed a kind of "in the pocket" bass line and Charles delivered! Do not hesitate to use him, he will get your song to that next level. I would give more than 5 stars if I could. The overall experience was just superb! Thank you Charles! LC

  31. Review By: DeeLunar May 2, 2019

    quick easy done...I love it

  32. Review By: Kelkyko May 1, 2019

    As always, Charles is the absolute best bass player on this site! Thanks so much for the help on my project and look forward to working with you again in the future! - Kelly

  33. Review By: EliazWalter Apr 26, 2019

    I was looking for a Bass Player and I came across Charles.
    I saw all the 5 star ratings and read the reviews, so I decided to place an order with him.
    I am absolutely pleased with how fast he came up with a great track. I dropped the track into the mix. And the style of Bass playing he came up with, make it feel like he was part of our band..!
    I highly recommend.

    Thanks Charles,

  34. Review By: barefootmccoy Apr 19, 2019

    Great job, as always! Charles is thoroughly professional.

  35. Review By: AndrewBrook Apr 19, 2019

    Great job! You kept the interplay between the bass and piano just right and added life and movement. Thank you very much.

  36. Review By: easycleansol Apr 18, 2019

    I always use Charles for bass, the service and quality just can't be beat!

  37. Review By: barefootmccoy Apr 14, 2019

    Great work, as always! Charles is excellent.

  38. Review By: baranstudios Apr 14, 2019

    Third time using and just as happy

  39. Review By: DKerr Apr 9, 2019

    Charles was easy to work with and approached the song with respect and superior musicianship. His bass line brought the song to life. Will do more tracking with him for sure!

  40. Review By: Krobinson Apr 5, 2019

    Wow... This guy can play. He sent me 3 different takes to choose from. All with different aggressive playing styles. The tracks are really clean and quiet. Don't hesitate to hire this guy. I will definitely use again in the near future.

  41. Review By: jelsioba Mar 27, 2019

    The best bassist online you can hire.

  42. Review By: jelsioba Mar 27, 2019

    Excellent as always!

  43. Review By: RJmusic Mar 27, 2019

    Really great response and quick turn around. Will come back for future projects :)

  44. Review By: frankvincent Mar 24, 2019

    Charles is the most consistent and most professional artist I'm working with on Airgigs. Everyone else take note, this is how it is done!

  45. Review By: HamHock Mar 21, 2019

    Nailed it - excellent. Captured the mood and vibe perfectly. Thanks very much!

  46. Review By: K7K7 Mar 6, 2019

    Always very well done thank you

  47. Review By: K7K7 Mar 6, 2019

    Always very well done thank you

  48. Review By: VMGmusic Mar 5, 2019

    As always, Charles is a true professional groove maker.

  49. Review By: crosskulture Mar 4, 2019

    Charles ALWAYS delivers presise, explosive tracks everytime. No matter if I'm in the states or recording internationally, Charles is always there. Look no further for your bass needs; it does NOT get BETTER than this. Big up from Senegal; West Africa- Macca

  50. Review By: scomeau Mar 4, 2019

    Great musicianship and service. Highly recommended and eager to collaborate again.

  51. Review By: Davecork Mar 3, 2019

    Ridiculously good !! ....I actually starting laughing like a slightly deranged person as I listened through the takes because each one was better than the one before it …!! Charles, you've NAILED it on this one...Thank you for such a great result! Dave

  52. Review By: Davecork Mar 1, 2019

    Charles will never disappoint -any time you feel you might prefer a different approach or Take he will give you exactly what you ask for...once again the proof is in the hearing ...superb craftmanship ...Thank you Charles-

  53. Review By: Davecork Feb 24, 2019

    Sublime playing from a consummate professional at the top of his game ! -Thank you so much Charles for spoiling me with choice... what a great way to kick things off-first and by no means the last song we'll work on-Dave

  54. Review By: Jsmith1128 Feb 21, 2019

    Charles is literally the best - another stunning track from him. Can't say enough about how he will elevate your song. Super easy to work with, great communication skills, and second to none when it comes to creativity

  55. Review By: nhavnbeats Feb 19, 2019

    Solid as always!!! Thanks!

  56. Review By: nweatherly Feb 19, 2019

    Charles was prompt, thorough, and very professional. He did tremendous work.

  57. Review By: rbourg Feb 14, 2019

    Professional sound! Professional playing! Charles is now my first choice for when I need bass tracks. Man, does he deliver and nails the high standards he sets. I will definitely be hiring him again, without hesitation! So incredibly happy with the results!

  58. Review By: keebordman Feb 10, 2019

    Charles was awesome! He got the bass track done SO FAST. Exactly what I was looking for. 0 revisions necessary. HIGHLY recommended!

  59. Review By: emmjdd Feb 5, 2019

    best bassist in airgigs! Super quick, gives you 2 options to choose and everything on spot. Looking forward to get him to record more bass lines in the future!
    Thanks heaps

  60. Review By: Sher1963 Feb 4, 2019

    Charles! Awesome comes to mind! OMG! Thank you.
    I really have a hard time not leaving the Bass up front and centre! Crazy!
    Sherry Hensley

  61. Review By: Sher1963 Feb 4, 2019

    Once again fabulous Bass tracks!!! Thanks so much Charles. You add so much colour to my tunes!
    Sherry Hensley :-)

  62. Review By: K7K7 Feb 4, 2019

    Always excellent bass tracks

  63. Review By: nhavnbeats Jan 30, 2019

    Great Work! Thank you!

  64. Review By: nhavnbeats Jan 30, 2019

    Fire as always! Thank you!

  65. Review By: ccomet Jan 25, 2019

    Thank you Charles for another great job. See you on the next production
    Chris Comet

  66. Review By: ccomet Jan 24, 2019

    Thank you Charles, well done. Precision, great communications and speedy delivery, as usual: a producer's dream.
    Will see you on the next song
    Chris Comet

  67. Review By: scobriggs Jan 24, 2019

    An incredible player who can tackle the most insane riffs and textures!

  68. Review By: lanciomusic Jan 23, 2019

    Working with Charles has been a real pleasure. A great professional who was able to give with his instrument what I was looking for. I'll definitely work with him again! THANK YOU.

  69. Review By: ccomet Jan 21, 2019

    Thank you Charles for another great performance on a song that is a favorite of mine. Great creative bass line playing, following what I was making
    Prompt communications, and delivery, make it a producer delight to collaborate with you
    More to follow.

    Chris Comet

  70. Review By: crosskulture Jan 21, 2019

    Look no further for your bass needs;Charles is the best. I placed my order at 5 am and received my 3 bass tracks before lunch the next day. Big up from Senegal; West Africa - Cross Kulture Records

  71. Review By: ccomet Jan 20, 2019

    Charles did a great job on this non easy tune that required talent, imagination and precision. It nailed it and I'm satisfied.
    Prompt and clean delivery. Will work again on some other tunes on this production
    Thanks Charles and welcome to the team
    Chris Comet

  72. Review By: addictivej Jan 10, 2019

    Awesome job as always!

  73. Review By: nhavnbeats Jan 7, 2019

    Quality! As Always!

  74. Review By: nhavnbeats Jan 6, 2019

    Quality work as always! Killed it!

  75. Review By: nhavnbeats Jan 5, 2019

    Fiyah! Kill It!

  76. Review By: skent53 Jan 5, 2019

    Very versatile! Able to play any style and he cares about what is best for the song. I highly recommend Charles for your next project!

  77. Review By: ccomet Jan 4, 2019

    Charles did a perfect job on that song, and was very persistent and attentive to my wishes. This particular song demanded an artistic and creative fretless baseline that requires talent , inspiration and sensibility, and Charles nailed it.
    Prompt answers and great communications, perfect and fast delivery. Job well done, and hopefully this will be the beginning of a great working relationship on my productions.
    Chris Comet

  78. Review By: nhavnbeats Jan 3, 2019

    Definitely working with Charles again! He killed it! He added exactly what the track needed.

  79. Review By: scobriggs Jan 2, 2019

    Another perfect bass track!

  80. Review By: K7K7 Jan 2, 2019

    Always excellent Thank You

  81. Review By: jelsioba Dec 31, 2018

    Great first experience with your piccolo bass!

  82. Review By: scobriggs Dec 28, 2018

    Charles is always on the money with all his tracks!

  83. Review By: Sher1963 Dec 27, 2018

    Charles was quick to get started on my bass tracks and gave me some great tracks to choose from.
    Very professional and I'm looking forward to working on another project!!!
    Thanks Charles!

  84. Review By: K7K7 Dec 27, 2018

    Always a great bassline thank you

  85. Review By: K7K7 Dec 24, 2018

    Excellent bassline! Thank you

  86. Review By: jelsioba Dec 22, 2018

    Excellent, thanks!

  87. Review By: jelsioba Dec 21, 2018

    Never dissapointed. Highly recommended.

  88. Review By: PaulineA Dec 18, 2018

    super fast turnaround and 3 takes to choose from. Thanks a lot!

  89. Review By: K7K7 Dec 17, 2018

    Thanks so much

  90. Review By: K7K7 Dec 17, 2018

    Always a great bassline

  91. Review By: tplayer Dec 15, 2018

    This is the second time I’ve used this guy and once again I’m blown away
    Advise watching some of his YouTube or Sound Cloud tracks you won’t be disappointed,
    I mean I new he was good I just didn’t know he was that good!
    I am humbled, like the dust

  92. Review By: mattrh1979 Dec 10, 2018

    I can't say enough good things about working with Charles! He's an extremely talented musician and has turned tracks around within 24 hours for me both times I've worked with him. His bass tracks have become my favorite part of the songs. If you're looking for a bass player, look no further!

  93. Review By: EveOfSpring Dec 8, 2018

    Thanks for the fast delivery and perfect bass!!

  94. Review By: psfinnmusic Dec 6, 2018

    Next day delivery and amazing performance! Recommend!!

  95. Review By: K7K7 Dec 5, 2018

    Another great bass track thanks

  96. Review By: CHRISMALD Dec 4, 2018

    Dear Charles ,

    Thank You for the great bass lines . I will use Take 3 .

    More songs are Coming

    Christophe M

  97. Review By: SidMc Dec 3, 2018

    Charles produced another stellar bass track, great timing, great taste he always adds a whole new dimension to the groove. Thanks!

  98. Review By: mattrh1979 Dec 2, 2018

    Thank you so much for the great bass tracks Charles! It's great to finally be able to hear my song the way I've always heard it in my head!

    I highly recommend Charles if you need bass for any songs, he was very professional, prompt, and gave me a track that took my song to the next level!

    I'll definitely be coming back with more songs.

  99. Review By: gregeven Nov 29, 2018

    very fast and professional :)

  100. Review By: cailowe Nov 21, 2018

    Amazing job as usual! Always professional. Thanks!

  101. Review By: BenjaminMRobinson Nov 14, 2018

    Hello Everyone!
    I am a recording/mixing engineer up in Anchorage Alaska. It is pretty tough to find a great sessions bassist up here that not only can play bass but also follows through with commitments and feedback.

    I have to say that Charles Berthoud does both! He not only nailed the first 4of8 songs with no revisions. He more importantly took feedback professionally, and executed the feedback with a positive attitude and brought my clients songs to a ultra-hi end, commercially viable lev

  102. Review By: reginaldkson Nov 14, 2018

    Thanks Charles for another great job. If you ever leave this site, please let me know first. :-)

  103. Review By: TheFlow Nov 13, 2018

    You're incredibly talented. I always feel like I'm being gifted something when I receive new bass tracks from you. Thank you for everything you do for me and my music!

  104. Review By: K7K7 Nov 9, 2018

    Great work.

  105. Review By: K7K7 Nov 9, 2018

    Great work. I like being able to choose between the 3 takes. Thanks

  106. Review By: cailowe Nov 8, 2018

    Awesome as usual! Thanks much!

  107. Review By: TheFlow Nov 8, 2018

    Yay! Another amazing job. I will continue to come back again and again for pro quality bass!

  108. Review By: reginaldkson Nov 7, 2018

    Charles is the real deal. Love him.

  109. Review By: scobriggs Nov 6, 2018

    Charles is the best bassist for any type of material, hands down!

  110. Review By: scobriggs Oct 30, 2018

    Awesome bass as always!

  111. Review By: mikael8442 Oct 29, 2018

    He is doing so kind word and gives a very fast response. I ordered for recording jazz bass. It is very satisfying for me.

  112. Review By: jtcloutier Oct 23, 2018

    Top notch!

  113. Review By: scobriggs Oct 20, 2018

    Incredible bass work with a intricate finesse!

  114. Review By: K7K7 Oct 18, 2018

    All I can say is WOW and thank you

  115. Review By: ealexo87 Oct 17, 2018

    This was my third time working with Charlie and I look forward to using his services again.
    Very professional.

  116. Review By: Hundred Oct 16, 2018

    Perfect * 1000000!!!!!!!!

  117. Review By: scobriggs Oct 15, 2018

    Sounds awesome as always!

  118. Review By: themiff Oct 10, 2018

    All good, thanks!

  119. Review By: baranstudios Oct 8, 2018

    Spot on with my order. Already had bass line written, provided score and what was asked for by seller. Always a pleasure. Thank you again!

  120. Review By: scobriggs Oct 8, 2018

    Sounds awesome as always! Just the best bassist around!

  121. Review By: grahamshow Oct 7, 2018

    Turn around time was great and took the song to a new level. Three sessions were delivered so I could chose which I like in raw and other forms of recording. Overall experience was great will use him again in future.

  122. Review By: Nmichel5659 Oct 6, 2018

    Charles is an outstanding bassist and always gives my tracks exactly what they need. I know that when I send him a track, I'm going to get back something I will be proud to have in my production both in terms of quality and feel. Thanks again, Charles!

  123. Review By: velguarder Oct 4, 2018

    I work with Charles from 3 years now... SO the answers its simple. If you need a bassist He is the man!

  124. Review By: skent53 Oct 3, 2018

    Once again Charles came through! He sent me three awesome takes and I will have a hard time deciding which take to use.
    He is the consummate professional. If you want your songs to come to life, by all means hire him as your bassist. You won't be disappointed.
    Sue Kent

  125. Review By: ClassicRockTranscriptions Sep 30, 2018

    Great musician and very nice guy.

  126. Review By: barefootmccoy Sep 26, 2018

    Great work, as always! Thank you so much.

  127. Review By: MajorTommy Sep 26, 2018

    As always: You're a genius and I'm honoured to have you play on my song! Thank you so much Charles!

  128. Review By: sonny Sep 24, 2018

    Great! Yet again! Will be back

  129. Review By: johnnyonguitar Sep 20, 2018

    Charles had recorded some great bass lines for my rock song, lots of rock attitude and even some shredding solos. Extremely happy with the result as usual!

  130. Review By: Muscimolo Sep 19, 2018

    This was the last song Charles played for my album.
    It has been a great plesure working with Charles.
    Charles played 10 songs and everything went so smoothly.
    His work is clean, accurate, creative and delivered on time. In other word a superb job.
    If in the future I'll need a bass player I know who to contact!

  131. Review By: bigblue Sep 17, 2018

    What an incredible bass player Charles is, i went for the bass and piccolo bass option and it has blew me away. Not just a great musician but someone full of fantastic i ideas to take the song to the next level. Simply brilliant,JJ

  132. Review By: Muscimolo Sep 12, 2018

    Another excellent bass track! If you need an otustanding bass player, Charles is the person you need to contact . Quick, accurate, creative!

  133. Review By: Muscimolo Sep 10, 2018

    Charles completed another song for my album and the result is, once again, outstanding!
    Thanks a lot Charles! :-)

  134. Review By: mtsongs Sep 9, 2018

    Once again, collaborating with Charles is a five star rated experince!

  135. Review By: Muscimolo Sep 7, 2018

    Charles played another exceptional bass part! :-)

  136. Review By: nickastro Sep 5, 2018

    Great job as ALWAYS. I can only say if there is anyone needing a bass player to make their song the best it can be they shouldn't think twice about reaching out to you. Thanks again.


  137. Review By: Muscimolo Sep 3, 2018

    Another outstanding bass track by Charles!

  138. Review By: Muscimolo Aug 31, 2018

    This is the fifth song Charles plays for my album and I couldn't be happier! :-)
    He is simply perfect! Always on time, creative, very accurate, knows what the client wants, and great sound quality.
    Highly recommended!

  139. Review By: Muscimolo Aug 29, 2018

    Another song played by Charles, another exceptional performance!

  140. Review By: MajorTommy Aug 26, 2018

    If you haven't booked Charles yet, what are you waiting for? Just do it! You'll never look back. Charles is an exceptional musician and plays for the song. He's professional and punctual. Every time I've worked with Charles he's exceeded all expectation and brought extra life and character to my music! He adds that touch of "cool" that I love hearing in my tracks. Thank you Charles!

  141. Review By: MajorTommy Aug 26, 2018

    Always a great experience! Thank you so much Charles!

  142. Review By: Muscimolo Aug 25, 2018

    If you need an exceptional bass track in no time Charles is the bass player you need to contact!
    I feel honored that Charles is playing in my album.
    Highly recommended!

  143. Review By: anusen Aug 23, 2018

    Great bassist! highly recommended

  144. Review By: anusen Aug 23, 2018

    Very talented musician. Great followup. Really happy to work with.

  145. Review By: Muscimolo Aug 23, 2018

    Once again, an outstanding performance! :-)

  146. Review By: Muscimolo Aug 21, 2018

    This was an exceptional experience! This was a fast progressive rock song with frequent changes in time signatures. Not only Charles handled in a timely manner, but he surpassed my expectations. He was very creative and able to improve the bass part. I’m a detail-oriented person, but there was no need of changes to the performance and I accepted the first version Charles sent.
    Highly recommended!

  147. Review By: lobster1234 Aug 19, 2018

    Excellent bassist, able to quickly come up with excellent rolls and riffs to my track.

    Different takes provided dry and edited.

    Would recommend completely.


  148. Review By: beanriffs Aug 19, 2018

    Charles is a very talented player and does the music justice. Definitely pleased with the results!

  149. Review By: crosskulture Aug 17, 2018

    As always, Masterful Tracks and in less than 24 hours; a true professional. Big Up from Senegal; West Afrca...

  150. Review By: MajorTommy Aug 15, 2018

    You did it again! Your understanding and appreciation for nuance is undeniable. What you play evokes so much emotion. You're a true artist, Charles! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Tom Hall

  151. Review By: MajorTommy Aug 15, 2018

    You are such a talented musician. One day I hope we can stand on stage together and play! I'm so honoured that a part of you will always be a part of music! Thank you so much again Charles!

  152. Review By: TheFlow Aug 14, 2018

    Thank you Charles,

    You have added so much value to my song by gracing it with you talent. You work so incredibly quickly which I admire and appreciate. You provided multiple iterations to choose from which left me confident that the bass line was the best it could possibly be. It's the perfect blend of simple and sophisticated. From start to finish, this has been a worthwhile experience for me. I look forward to working with you again in the very near future!


  153. Review By: Grooverdog Aug 12, 2018

    All good again from Charles !

  154. Review By: JohnnyWalylko Aug 11, 2018

    Charles did and excellent job. True professionalism at it's finest!

  155. Review By: bm1275 Aug 10, 2018

    Thanks again Charles for your excellent playing. You provided awesome grooves with a fast turnaround. Really appreciate your efforts. Take care.



  156. Review By: scobriggs Aug 9, 2018

    Perfect as always!

  157. Review By: Grooverdog Aug 8, 2018

    All good from Charles as ever. Wouldn't use anyone else.

  158. Review By: LondonSi Aug 5, 2018

    Great stuff as always. Could be bass line of the year! ;-)

  159. Review By: jelsioba Aug 4, 2018

    Excellent as always!

  160. Review By: LondonSi Aug 4, 2018

    Great as always, gave lots of different ideas and really a good guy to deal with!

  161. Review By: nickastro Aug 3, 2018

    Charles always gives a few excellent choices that allow for customization within the song. Thanks again.


  162. Review By: JMG1 Aug 2, 2018

    Communicative and on time delivery.

  163. Review By: jaggedguitar Aug 2, 2018

    Perfect thanks the first one works really well

  164. Review By: dreamlifebeats Aug 2, 2018

    Great stuff. coming back for more soon!

  165. Review By: LondonSi Aug 1, 2018

    Excellent playing as always....if you need bass, this is the man for you!

  166. Review By: dreamlifebeats Jul 30, 2018

    Amazing work as always

  167. Review By: reginaldkson Jul 28, 2018


    Very well done my friend. Adding you to my favorites for sure!

  168. Review By: jiznak2000 Jul 27, 2018

    Can I swear on here? Because holy fuckin shit! You killed it! You're doing my whole album. End of story.

  169. Review By: akatat Jul 20, 2018

    Excellent performance, as always. We are very happy with your beautiful play for our song. Thank you !

  170. Review By: Simon Jul 14, 2018

    Brilliant. Another terrific gig, thank you, Charles. You really got the song and added depth, colour, and flavour to it.

  171. Review By: MajorTommy Jul 13, 2018

    Charles, you are a true talent in every sense of the word. Your discernment is a credit to you! Thank you again!

  172. Review By: stevenblopez Jul 12, 2018


  173. Review By: thebrigadier Jul 10, 2018

    Great playing. Exactly what I wanted.

  174. Review By: baranstudios Jul 10, 2018

    Exactly what I was looking for, quick turnaround. Second time buyer and will be a third

    - This review was for a custom proposal
  175. Review By: isagyeman1 Jul 9, 2018

    Excellent as always!

  176. Review By: scobriggs Jul 9, 2018

    A fantastic bass track, spot on every time!

  177. Review By: MajorTommy Jul 8, 2018

    I will scream it from the highest of heights - YOU ARE A TRUE ARTIST! Thank you for giving yourself to the song. It's literally left me in tears! It's so beautiful. Thank you Charles!

  178. Review By: freepro Jul 7, 2018

    So great & detailed performances with his gentle attitude.
    And his perception of music is so precise.
    I'm so impressed. Looking forward to my next song with him.
    Thank you, Charles.

  179. Review By: Simon Jul 6, 2018

    Wow. What impressive musicianship. Thank you, Charles - you nailed it! You didn't just get the song you added a whole new layer to it. And also to give me multiple options - like working with you in a studio. A total pro. Highly recommended.

  180. Review By: LondonSi Jul 5, 2018

    Another great piece of bass work. I really doubt anyone could be disappointed with his work, so he gets my highest recommendation.

  181. Review By: LondonSi Jul 2, 2018

    Exceptional player, fast delivery and gave a few extra options on top of the bass line I asked him to play. Couldn't ask for more, very highly recommended.

  182. Review By: thebrigadier Jun 30, 2018

    Charles was happy to make revisions as requested. He played exactly what I wanted and I'm very happy with the final product.

  183. Review By: akatat Jun 29, 2018

    Another excellent performance. We are very happy with your play. Thank you!!!

  184. Review By: thebrigadier Jun 25, 2018

    Charles plays it perfectly the first time.

  185. Review By: johnnyonguitar Jun 25, 2018

    Thanks Charles for his great performance and communication and also fast turnaround. Once again a five star!

  186. Review By: normiebongos Jun 25, 2018

    Another amazing bass track by Charles!

  187. Review By: AndrewBrook Jun 25, 2018

    Charles took my midi bass line, played on a keyboard, and returned me three versions - one just as I had sent, and two alternatives that were more free-style. This was very thoughtful and I am going to use the more complex version rather than my original idea. Thank you very much, Charles, I will definitely use you again.

  188. Review By: FlatFeet Jun 24, 2018

    as always, awesome job Charles, thanks!

  189. Review By: scobriggs Jun 23, 2018

    A must have for bass tracks!

  190. Review By: peterhath Jun 20, 2018

    Prompt, professional, and highly skilled. Great sonics and composition of parts. A+

  191. Review By: scobriggs Jun 19, 2018

    Another winner of a bass track! Top notch

  192. Review By: jelsioba Jun 19, 2018

    Good job!

  193. Review By: lojismith Jun 18, 2018

    I love these choices when I can't go wrong.

    Thanks Charles. Excellent work once again.

  194. Review By: dreamlifebeats Jun 12, 2018

    Amazing as always

  195. Review By: karthikr03 Jun 10, 2018

    Brilliant work from Charles again. One thing that never ceases to amaze me about Charles is his ability to induce the right level of complexity in bass lines for a given piece of arrangement. Working with Charles makes it easy on a producer / composer. I dont have to give a lot of inputs, i dont have to explain my workflow and so on. Charles almost always exceeds my expectations and brings in a lot of experience. Glad to have frequent collaboration with Charles. Looking forward to the next one.

  196. Review By: daytonasteve Jun 6, 2018

    Outstanding job...perfect fit for our song. Best bass track we've ever had. Quick turn around...great communication...a real professional....WOW!!!

  197. Review By: dreamlifebeats Jun 3, 2018

    Amazing work again

  198. Review By: tplayer Jun 2, 2018

    Nothing but praise for this guy. He's the real deal

  199. Review By: frankvincent Jun 1, 2018

    Excellent work, plenty of material to work with, the bass over the verse sounds great!

  200. Review By: jelsioba May 31, 2018

    Thanks again!

  201. Review By: jtcloutier May 30, 2018

    Great job again ! Plenty of options to choose from with a nice approach of getting more intricate with the playing styles between each takes. HIGHLY recommenced !

  202. Review By: akatat May 30, 2018

    Another excellent performance! We are very happy with your beautiful play for our song. Thank you!

  203. Review By: scobriggs May 29, 2018

    Awesome bass playing as always!

  204. Review By: jtcloutier May 28, 2018

    You killed it ! First take, no revisions needed :)))

  205. Review By: akatat May 28, 2018

    Another awesome performance. We are very happy with your artistic playing. Thank you!

  206. Review By: Grooverdog May 28, 2018

    Charles is my go to bass player, he's a great bass player with a pro sound. Don't hesitate to get him on your session, you won't be disappointed I sure.

  207. Review By: thebrigadier May 26, 2018

    Charles got exactly the bass sound I wanted for the track. I'm very satisfied with the recording. He was also very responsive.

  208. Review By: crosskulture May 25, 2018

    Thanks again Charles for delivering another GREAT BASS TRACK. No matter where i am in the world recording, Charles tracks always arrive on time. Simply put, Charles is the Best. Thanks again for your hard work and dedication. I am Looking forward to many more years of recording together. Bless from Senegal, West Africa - Macca

  209. Review By: akatat May 25, 2018

    Excellent performance, as always. We are very happy with your professional and artistic play. Thank you.

  210. Review By: AreteMusic May 25, 2018

    Great pro work and always provides a couple of great track options. Pleasure working with Charles!

  211. Review By: scobriggs May 25, 2018

    Awesome job as always!

  212. Review By: ealexo87 May 23, 2018

    This was my second time working with Charles. He is a very conscientious musician who takes great time and care to deliver a track that will no doubt meet your expectations. The quality of the stems is strong and his communication throughout the order is always professional.

  213. Review By: jelsioba May 22, 2018

    Excellent first offer and quality. Thanks!

  214. Review By: thebrigadier May 22, 2018

    Spot on and delivered promptly.

  215. Review By: ratishsekhar May 20, 2018

    Charles never fails to amaze. Superb bassline with a cool Hook for my song.
    Exactly what I was looking for... Thanks a lot Charles...

  216. Review By: baranstudios May 16, 2018

    Was very fast, communicative, and clear. Provided a quick revision when I needed and offered to provide additional help. Really appreciate all the help.

  217. Review By: MRey May 15, 2018

    Thank you Charles, you scored again buddy.

  218. Review By: nickastro May 15, 2018

    Really wonderful Bass & Piccolo Bass. Charles adds so much more than just a bass track. His interpretation and subtle touches are artistic.

  219. Review By: scobriggs May 15, 2018

    A fantastic bass player!

  220. Review By: 4DistanceX May 13, 2018

    We were delivered bass tracks for our song that simply are second to none; brilliant work by an artistic soul whose production now acts as the backbone for our oncoming song. The package received consisted of three versions for us to use, each are masterpieces and each being different to eachothers, giving us the chance to pick the most fitting one for our song. I am looking forward for further cooperation and can warmly recommend this bassist for all who want to have the best of result.

  221. Review By: Priceless May 11, 2018


  222. Review By: Brainsqueezed May 9, 2018

    I have been working with Charles for an entire album. Charles is very professional and easy to work with. His tracks are always very melodic and of very good technical quality (both dry and processed versions). Let him suggest its own version, that opens new perspectives. I will certainly work again with Charles.

  223. Review By: scobriggs May 7, 2018

    Another fantastic bass part!

  224. Review By: GerryN May 6, 2018

    Great takes with fantastic timing and feel!!!

  225. Review By: nickastro May 5, 2018

    NICE... What a wonderful job. Having the options that you provide is such a great thing to cut and paste. Thanks again.

  226. Review By: Brainsqueezed May 3, 2018

    This time, I provided Charles with a song with no bass track. I gave him a couple of guidelines only and Charles came with several tracks that fitted perfectly. Great collaboration work. This guy knows how to slap :-) Highly recommended and so easy to work with.

  227. Review By: crosskulture May 2, 2018

    LOOK NO FURTHER; Charles simply is the BEST. No matter if i am recording here in America or touring in Senegal: West Africa, Charles is always spot on and delivers only the HIGHEST QUALITY bass tracks. Thanks again brother; your bass tracks are ROCKING the airwaves throughout WEST AFRICA ... KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK...Untill next time... Big Up

  228. Review By: kirksong May 2, 2018

    Always, excellent musicianship! Great communication, integrity, and turnaround. Gratitude!!!

  229. Review By: Yayarue99 May 2, 2018

    Great bass track. Great communication.

  230. Review By: FlatFeet Apr 30, 2018

    Exceptional delivery, great manners and awesome playing. And seriously great value for money. Charles recorded whole album for me and I couldn't be happier. Highly recommended! Thanks!

  231. Review By: Brainsqueezed Apr 29, 2018

    Charles did a great work again. The different takes offer lot of options. Thanks

  232. Review By: Brainsqueezed Apr 26, 2018

    As usual, Charles provides very interesting suggestions and keeps close to the feel of the song.

  233. Review By: scobriggs Apr 23, 2018

    Another fantastic bass part, simply the best!

  234. Review By: dstout012 Apr 22, 2018

    Exceptionally professional result, professional communication. Highly recommend. Unusual application and depth of skill and talent. Will hire again soon. 10/10

  235. Review By: dreamlifebeats Apr 22, 2018

    Great work, more work incoming!!

  236. Review By: dreamlifebeats Apr 20, 2018

    Great work, spot on again

  237. Review By: Brainsqueezed Apr 20, 2018

    Great job again from Brandon. High quality stems and classy interpretation. Thanks again Charles.

  238. Review By: MRey Apr 18, 2018

    Another great job Charles. Thank you buddy.

  239. Review By: nostrajrmusic Apr 17, 2018

    Once again dude you nailed it! I love the complex version so much!!! Woot woot!!! I'm excited for mixing.

  240. Review By: filipjan Apr 15, 2018

    Excellent. Easy to work with him, good first experience. We will work again.

  241. Review By: Brainsqueezed Apr 15, 2018

    This time, I also asked Charles to provide some lines with slap and tapping. And he did it great!

  242. Review By: lojismith Apr 14, 2018

    Super! Thanks!

  243. Review By: kmdarko Apr 13, 2018

    An easy and very professional experience,

    Good sound and quick return on project. I look forward to looking forward to working with him again!

  244. Review By: Brainsqueezed Apr 11, 2018

    Charles has become my go to session bass player.
    Great quality tracks and always on time.
    Thank you again Charles.

  245. Review By: sksnan1955 Apr 11, 2018

    If your are looking for a professional Bass player that will deliver you quality tracks in a timely manner for your project; I highly recommend Charles. I am also very pleased say that what Charles did for my song; He is definitely worth 5 Stars.

  246. Review By: normiebongos Apr 10, 2018

    Charles is amazing!

  247. Review By: dreamlifebeats Apr 10, 2018

    Fantastic job again.

  248. Review By: dreamlifebeats Apr 9, 2018

    Super fast and reliable. Quick delivery and spot on......again

  249. Review By: Reloaded Apr 7, 2018

    Always a perfect mix of simple and complex bass lines to work with. My go-to session player for bass. Awesome!

  250. Review By: Brainsqueezed Apr 7, 2018

    Excellent job again upon first delivery.

  251. Review By: isagyeman1 Apr 6, 2018

    Killer as always! Will use again soon!

  252. Review By: Brainsqueezed Apr 6, 2018

    Great job again. I really like that Charles suggests different takes you can play with.

  253. Review By: dreamlifebeats Apr 5, 2018

    Perfect groove and sound

  254. Review By: SidMc Apr 4, 2018

    Hi Charles sorry for the delay. Tracks are excellent, they add movement and great tone to the low end. Didn't have to do a thing to it, mixed as is. Artist and a craftsman. Thank you. We will do it again soon.

  255. Review By: Brainsqueezed Apr 3, 2018

    Great Job. Charles provides you with different takes and you can pick and choose. Great groove and quality stems. Will send other songs for sure.

  256. Review By: mtsongs Mar 31, 2018

    Always a pleasure working with Charles . He's an excellent bassist and one of my top favorite session musicians to work with.
    I can only hope he's not tired of me yet.

  257. Review By: JoeBlaise Mar 31, 2018

    Awesome....awesome awesome...and than some...Charles is a great writer with bass which help the song create a great foundation...thank you

  258. Review By: kate Mar 30, 2018

    Charles is an amazing bass player! The whole experience was outstanding - timely, professional, and just what I requested! I am a first time user of this type of musical service and I had a lot of questions and concerns. Both Charles and the Airgigs help team were really good about addressing any question I had and helping me with my technology questions.
    I LOVE the bass line that Charles played for my song and will definitely do this again!
    Thank you for making it so easy!
    5 STARS !

  259. Review By: akatat Mar 28, 2018

    Another awesome performance! We are happy with your artistic play. Thank you!

  260. Review By: laru1977 Mar 27, 2018

    Great communication, fantastic playing, what do you need more ! Highly recommended !
    Thank you...

  261. Review By: Chap1978 Mar 23, 2018

    Good job. Thanks again!

  262. Review By: dariushenry Mar 22, 2018

    Super Dope!!! Quick turn around time ... Excellent quality!!! multiple takes!!! Easy easy easy to work with ... will definitely recommend to friends!!!!!!!

  263. Review By: sksnan1955 Mar 19, 2018

    Thanks Charles for doing a great job. I am very satisfied with your professionalism; and for completing and delivering my project as promised. I will use Charles for future projects.

  264. Review By: Chap1978 Mar 18, 2018

    Great communication, fast turnaround, easy to work with and delivered exactly what I ask for. I will be immediately hiring him again!!!

  265. Review By: normiebongos Mar 17, 2018

    Another amazing bass track by Charles the Great!

  266. Review By: lojismith Mar 17, 2018

    Wow! Nicely done. Thanks Charles!

  267. Review By: dreamlifebeats Mar 15, 2018

    Consistently great work and fast response time.

  268. Review By: isagyeman1 Mar 14, 2018

    This is my second order. Charles nailed it! Will definitely use him again!

  269. Review By: dreamlifebeats Mar 12, 2018

    Great work again!

  270. Review By: JMathers Mar 9, 2018

    Charles has done it again. Outstanding, professional result as usual.

    What you will get from him:
    - Flawless, groovy playing
    - HQ, professional quality files
    - Fast delivery
    - Good communication

    He really goes out of his way to make sure everything is exactly as you want. He's my go-to bass player for my tracks.

  271. Review By: akatat Mar 9, 2018

    Another excellent performance! We are very happy with your artistic play. Thank you!

  272. Review By: kirksong Mar 3, 2018

    Best Bass player I have ever recorded with, very quick turn around, great communication, excellent musicianship!!!

  273. Review By: dreamlifebeats Mar 2, 2018

    Incredible groove, clean fat sounding bass. Really world class stuff. Would def recommend and will be using again.

  274. Review By: dreamlifebeats Mar 1, 2018

    Fast, clean and funky. Im going to be a regular with this gig. Thanks

  275. Review By: kirksong Feb 28, 2018

    Great bass man! Excellent skills and big integrity!

  276. Review By: kirksong Feb 25, 2018

    Charles is good as gold! World class bass player who has integrity and communicates very well. Fantastic musicianship!!!

  277. Review By: scobriggs Feb 25, 2018

    Fantastic! Excellent work, a skilled professional!

  278. Review By: kirksong Feb 23, 2018

    Charles is excellent in both musicianship and communication! Great Job!

  279. Review By: mtsongs Feb 19, 2018

    Once again, a five star rated experience working with Charles.

  280. Review By: akatat Feb 19, 2018

    Another awesome performance. We are very happy with your professional and artistic play. Thanks!

  281. Review By: JMathers Feb 17, 2018

    Fast delivery!

  282. Review By: bryanpaul Feb 16, 2018

    There are not enough superlatives to describe the job Charles did. He absolutely nailed it on his first try and exceeded our wildest expectations. This man has got IT.

  283. Review By: psfinnmusic Feb 14, 2018

    That's it! Thank you so much!

  284. Review By: normiebongos Feb 10, 2018

    Another GREAT bass track by Charles!!!

  285. Review By: frankvincent Feb 10, 2018

    Excellent work!

  286. Review By: akatat Feb 9, 2018

    We are always very happy with your artistic and professional performance. Thank you!

  287. Review By: flergen Feb 7, 2018

    Great experience. Easy to work with, wonderful player. Five stars.

  288. Review By: mostephe Feb 7, 2018

    I am SO pleased with Charles' work on my song. I normally play all the bass tracks on my project's songs, and have been a professional live and studio bassist for almost 15 years. BUT we really wanted a virtuosic fretless sound for this particular song. Charles was perfect and kindly took all my revisions in stride. His services were of the utmost professionalism throughout the process and I plan to reach out to him again on future tracks.

    Michael Stephenson
    The Karmanauts