Warner/Nettwerk Records Session Bassist for $95

In Bass 100% Guarantee By Charles Berthoud

Warner/Nettwerk Records Session Bassist for $95

I have recorded bass lines for: Warner/Chappell Production Music, Curren$y, Dreamlife (platinum producer), Nettwerk Records and had my original music appear on national TV (Univision) . I have completed over 900 recordings on AirGigs alone, with only 5-star reviews.

Guaranteed takes within 48 hours
Multiple takes for more options
Rapid communication
Clean, clear signal obtained with the highest-quality gear (see below)
ANY style (please listen to my audio samples)
Genuine care for your song - I want your song to be great, for the sake of good music, your career, my career, everything. I will do everything I can to ensure that my bass line elevates your song to a new level and helps you achieve the sound you are looking for.

If you have not worked with me before, please see my other service "Special Offer - first song for $75". For a limited time only, I am making a special offer whereby your first song is $75. After that, I will charge $95 for each song.

LeFay D-Tuner Bass (4-string)
LeFay D-Tuner Piccolo Bass
Schecter SLS Elite-5 (5-string)
BITE Custom Jazz Bass
MusicMan Stingray (5-string)
Schecter Stilleto Studio-8 (8-string)
Schecter Stilleto Studio-6 (6-string)
Muckelroy Fretless Bass (4-string)
Schecter Banshee Bass 4-string
Schecter Model T Session Bass (4-string)
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Interface (includes a great preamp)
Universal Audio plugins

The LeFays are extremely high quality basses that give any recording a world-class sound.

I can read charts or learn the song by ear.

Thanks for reading!

Also need guitar for your track? Try piccolo bass instead! I'll do a package deal - $120 for a bass line and piccolo bass on your song. Watch my video to hear what the piccolo bass sounds like.

  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Jazz

Pop 2

  • Pop 2
  • Pop 3
  • Dance
  • Alt Rock (w. pick)
  • Smooth Jazz
  • Rock
  • Latin Jazz
  • Soul (5-string)
  • Ambient (5-string)
  • Reggae
  • Rock 2
  • Metal
  • Pop - Funky Basslines
  • Hip-Hop
  • Pop 1

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