Charles Berthoud is an electric bassist, originally from London, now living in Boston, MA. He has high-level professional experience, having recorded original music for Warner/Chappell Production Music, as well as collaborating with producers from prominent labels such as Nettwerk Records. He currently tours regularly across the US in a variety of acts such as a duo with pop/rock artist Skyler, and the Celtic/Bluegrass band Cat & the Moon. Charles plays in all styles.

With his selection of high-quality basses, he can get an incredible range of tones; everything from an old-school Motown sound to a hi-fi Marcus Miller tone, as well as beautiful fretless sounds from the likes of Pino Palladino to Michael Manring.

Charles has the ability to play busy, or sit back in the pocket. He has a Flea-like slap sound, if that's what you need. He puts absolutely everything into making sure that his bassline is perfect for your track.

Although Charles is on the road a lot, his studio setup is portable so he can work any time.

LeFay De-Tuner 4-string
LeFay De-Tuner Piccolo Bass
Muckelroy Fretless 4-string
Musicman Stingray 5-string
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Interface (includes great preamp)