Bass Guitar Tracks for $75

In Bass 100% Guarantee By drmusic45

Bass Guitar Tracks for $75

I have been playing bass for over 20 years in a variety of bands and styles, and I have a firm grasp on the "feel" of music, allowing me to fit almost any style. Artists I’ve played with over the years include Hazard To Ya Booty (funk), KiND (formerly VITEK, pop), Roots Of A Rebellion (reggae), 16th Ave Jazz (straight ahead jazz), ellvee (folk rock), Steve Means (pop), Whitherward (indie folk), and others. My biggest influences are John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney, Larry Graham, Gabe Nelson, Norwood Fisher, and John Deacon.

For recording, I will do three takes of a track that you may choose from for your project. Upon delivery, if those do not suffice, I will do up to three revision deliveries on the project. Maximum song length is 5 minutes.

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to work together!

10 Reviews

  1. Review By: KindredSpirit Mar 29, 2019

    Great tracks, great experience! Thank you!

  2. Review By: osvalpet Mar 6, 2019

    Excellent playing,, couldn't be more happier.

  3. Review By: TotalPic Mar 2, 2019

    5 star. Every track he did - made the record. Fast, extremely musical. This is my airgigs bassist!

  4. Review By: TotalPic Feb 6, 2019

    Great Job again and again! 5 Star!

  5. Review By: KindredSpirit Nov 28, 2018

    Great to work with. Great sound and groove. Great gig!

  6. Review By: IamVocal May 10, 2015

    Our 3rd collaboration and I have never asked for a revision. I don't even send instructions anymore. I just send the track and wait 24hours to hear what magic comes back.

  7. Review By: IamVocal Apr 5, 2015

    Another successful gig done in 24hrs. 3 kickass dynamic takes to pick from. Man this guy gets it. He just gets it. Nuff said.

  8. Review By: IamVocal Mar 28, 2015

    A bass with soul. A bass with groove. This gig is smooth. No Revisions, no hesitations, no problems. I sent the track and asked him to do whatever he wants. In less than 24 hours I got 3 different takes. The only problem is...I cant decide which one I like best.

  9. Review By: tempestwars Mar 22, 2015

    Bro! I love your play :D you know what I want.
    Thank you!

    by the way, could you please give me a bass track?
    the file that you gave me is already sum with Inst track. :D

  10. Review By: justicej Dec 23, 2014

    Fantastic work. He turned this around fast, understood the work the first time and nailed it. I am very pleased.