Lets talk about your next recording for $95

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Lets talk about your next recording for $95

Hi and welcome to my Airgigs channel. For years I’ve been helping people just like you turn their song ideas in to finished production. I’ve played on 100s of sessions, mixed for major label artists, and created music content for some of the nations most prominent ad agencies.

I’m going to share with you some of the things I’ve learned that will help you prepare for your recording session - whether that’s here on Airgigs, a pro studio in your hometown or your own home studio. The right preparation will save you time and money as well as assure you the best possible outcome for your product.

Here's some topics we'll cover:

*Choosing the right key - and the right tempo
*Song Structure:
Make sure your song conforms to the most popular verse chorus bridge formats.
Are your lyrics effective, with a simple focused idea.
Are they conversational.
Do they evoke an emotion
Even your song title can make a difference
Is the hook easy to remember
Does the melody "wander" too much
*Chord structure:
Modern music has simplified the chord structure of most songs
Does it fit into the popular 1 - 6m - 4 - 5

Let's get started! You'll receive a detailed evaluation of your song with tips on how to take your demo to the next level.

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