Technical Support: From Beginner to Pro for $100

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Technical Support: From Beginner to Pro for $100

When DIY recording artists or fully self-produced artists encounter strange technical issues, need help organizing a project, or just can’t get the big sound they want, they have essentially 3 options:

1. Ignore the issues and hope for the best.

2. Spend weeks or months watching generic tutorials.

3. Seek out an experienced professional who can quickly assess their needs and offer truly personalized solutions.

Along with my regular production work, I have been offering remote technical consulting to artists around the world for years and I would be happy to do the same for you.

I can also draw from a wealth of real experience and offer advice and resources on navigating the new music business. This is also something I do for artists almost daily.

Book a consulting session with me today so that I may help you move past your challenges and reach new heights with your music.

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