I will provide a 30 minute coaching call for $25

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I will provide a 30 minute coaching call for $25

I will jump on the phone or video chat with you for 30 minutes to discuss your music, your goals, your visions and your online presence.

If you have questions about digital marketing or promoting your music online, I can help you find clarity and share insights with you that I have learned from marketing my own music online since 1999 (before the days of Google and social media such as Myspace, FB, Twitter and all the sites you use today).

I have been working with small businesses, indie labels as well as indie musicians and artists since 2009 as a coach and consultant in the fields of digital marketing, e-mail marketing, social media, websites, wordpress, seo (search engine optimization), and other topics concerning being a DIY, business owner and entrepreneur in the fast-paced digital age.

I have co-authored a book now on Amazon Kindle and paperback titled Getting Your Music Heard Online: written for indie musicians by indie musicians who prefer a DIY approach.

I also blog about these topics regularly on Middle Tennessee Music.com and we host our Indie Musicpreneurs Tribe where we share our library of articles, tips and guides with members of our community.

We also have created a SEO Basics for Musicians online course which is available on our website.

You can learn about me, tap into my knowledge base, and get an idea of who I am by checking out Middle Tennessee Music.com.

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