Song Analysis and Consultation for $75

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Song Analysis and Consultation for $75

Not sure if your song is catchy? Wondering if your message is clear? Not a native speaker of English? Having a hard time with rhyming or flow?


I have been writing poetry and songs for roughly 20 years. My writing credits include: Klink, Pinnacle Point, MC Voltron, and The Fallen Good. My production/performance credits include: BRandom Talent, Big Stage Magazine, Paradigm Accord, Music for a Cure, The East Coast Music Awards and coming soon: The Wild Mountain Music Festival.

If you have a song that just doesn't seem to be living up to it's full potential I can offer a fresh set of ears and help fill in the missing pieces (or remove some detrimental ones). Over the year I have written and produced a significant library of very diverse music. In the process of producing everything myself and seeking as much qualified feedback as possible I learned that it is possible to be too close to your material to properly assess it's merit. I've become quite astute at writing ear-worms and my strong lyrical background allows me to easily make your songs flow, or re-phrase your lyrics to add a level of polish and eloquence.

Lyrics not your problem? That's ok! I am an accomplished studio guitarist/multi-instrumentalist and love using unconventional chord voicings and rhythmic variations to make sure your listener will be captivated from start to finish. I can even help you with your arrangement.

Price includes in-depth written assessment of your song, and a solution to each issue identified. If your lyrics don't flow well or are unclear I will suggest an alternative. If your melody is a bit bland or too busy I will send an mp3 with a more balanced approach. If your arrangement is thin I will show you how it could sound with the addition of piano, or harmonica, or mandolin, or a dobro, or whatever seems to be missing from the soundscape. I will not re-write your entire song, but I will point you in the right direction!

If I am unable to provide you with suggestions to make your song better I will congratulate you for a job well done and waive my fee. I am a professional and I will provide you with my honest feedback in a tactful manner, but you are buying my professional opinion which you may or may not agree with - please be open to constructive criticism before seeking my services.

Helping you make the best music possible is my only concern, so if you feel I have not helped you improve your music I will provide you with a FULL refund

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