Mixing of your song up to 20 tracks. for $40

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Mixing of your song up to 20 tracks. for $40

Hi, My name is Jay and I am a DIY singer-songwriter who has recorded 3 full length albums (Dreams and Nightmares, Wash Me, and The Gap Between). Look me up on your favorite streaming music service. I have found that I really love the recording and mixing aspect of making music. I would love to help some aspiring singer-songwriters make their music sound the best it can. I will mix your song (up to 20 tracks).

I have been in bands for over 30 years and have toured in my younger days opening for bands and artists like Vince Neil, Dee Snider (Window Maker), Bang Tango, Ace Frehley, and others. I am well versed in many styles of music except hip hop and jazz. (but I love both genres)

My instrument skills include piano, guitar, bass, drums, drum programming. As well as lead vocals and backup vocals. So I may be able to add other pieces to your music if you need to add an instrument or need a full song production. Please see my other services.

I use Mixcraft Pro Studio * as my DAW and have a wide verity of professional Plug Ins and outboard effects. I'll do my very best to giver you a radio ready mix.

Please take a listen to my Bandcamp page for samples of my music.

Why so cheap? Because I'm just starting out and trying to get my foot in the door here on Air Gigs. It's all fully guaranteed, if you don't like what I do after the revisions i will refund your money.



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