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Mix Your Song for $300

I have been working as a full-time professional audio engineer/mixer/producer for over 11 years here in New York City. I've been making recordings for over 20 years and playing music for over 30 years. My early pro career was spent at Soundtrack NY where I worked on numerous films and tv shows including credits for Shine a Light (Scorsese) and Miracle at Saint Anna (Spike Lee). Since leaving there I have recorded produced, or mixed many of the finest bands here in Brooklyn such as The Bushwick Hotel, Raccoon Fighter, Mitchell Leonard, and Autumn Walker (TX). I was one of the lead instructors at SAE NY for over 6 years. While there I taught: Mixing, Mastering, Microphones, Effects, Tape Alignment and Usage, Synchronization, as well as the Neve 88R and SSL 4000G+ consoles. Additionally, I write for Sonic Scoop and perform training seminars for Melodyne, FabFilter, BlueCat Audio, and Sonarworks.

Standard Mixes include:
- Up to 32 tracks
-light Vocal Tuning (1 hour included, more available for additional fee)
- light Noise Reduction/Clean-up (1 hour included, more available for additional fee)
-Application of equalization, dynamics, saturation, and ambience processing as needed for individual tracks, subgroups and the master bus.
- Alternate mixes as requested (Acapella, Instrumental, Stems)

My mix suite was organized and setup with help from Acoustician, Tim Crosley. It is treated with GIK traps, clouds, and panels and uses Sonarworks Room Correction software to achieve a very flat and accurate mix position. Monitors include Unity Audio Super Rock 2's, Avantone Mixcubes, and Sennheiser HD 650's. I have the Full Universal Audio Suite, Full FabFilter and Blue Cat suites, Melodyne Studio, and Waves Platinum.

Come Downstairs by Mitchell Leonard

I produced and mixed this track
  • Come Downstairs by Mitchell Leonard

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