1 song mixing and mastering with analog gear for $190

In Mixing By Romano Erafficci

1 song mixing and mastering with analog gear for $190

Hi. I'm Roman. I'm a full-time mixing and mastering engineer singed at Universal Music Poland. This gig is for mixing & mastering. If you're looking to just master your song please check my other gig for mastering.

Check out my portfolio here: er-mixing.com

Services I provide:
- mixing & mastering with analog gear & high-end plugins
- vocal pitch correction/tuning with Auto-Tune (+10$) or manually with
- Melodyne (+30$)
- vocal timing correction (+25$)
- mastering for streaming platforms (+10$)
- mastering for Vinyl (+15$)

You will get:
- 24-bit wav file
- an additional 16-bit wav file mastered for iTunes (+10$)
- grouped stems (+10$)
- instrumental mix (+5$)
- non-explicit edit (+15$) lyrics are required!

My equipment:
- Reaper 5, Pro Tools 12 HD
- Focal Twin 6BE + SUB
- UAD Apollo X6 AD/DA converter
- UAD Apollo Twin Duo
- UAD-2 OCTO card
- SPL Qure 9738 stereo tube EQ
- Heritage Audio HA 609A Elite stereo compressor/limiter
- Warm Audio WA76 compressor
- Warm Audio EQP-WA tube EQ
- Plugins: UAD, SSL, Waves, Slate Digital, Soundtoys, Sonnox, U-he, FabFilter, Acustica Audio

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

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  • Pop

Dance Pop

Mixed and mastered
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  • Singer-Songwriter
  • Country Rock

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