Mixes with energy and attitude for $150

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Mixes with energy and attitude for $150

I have a Ph.D. in music composition, and I have been working professionally as an audio engineer, producer and mix engineer for 10 years both live and in the studio. My experience ranges from classical and jazz to industrial and noise. I love working with indie/underground bands, and I specialize in experimental/extreme music. Although I own nice gear and software (by Metric Halo, Universal Audio, Empirical Labs, Summit Audio, Neumann, Waves, iZotope and SoundToys for those who like brand names), I believe in energy and attitude. This is what I strive to bring to every mix no matter what the genre.

I have worked for:
SculptureCenter in NYC, the Honolulu Museum of Art, the Lincoln Center and S.T.R.U.M. studios in Minneapolis, and I co-founded the audio engineering/video editing company the Sonic Alchemists in Minnesota.

I have worked with:
The John Jorgenson Quintet (gypsy jazz)
Brooklyn Rider and Kayhan Kalhor (string quartet and Iranian virtuoso)
Preston Duncan (classical saxophonist)
Don Tiki (exotica)
Erkki Huovinen (Finnish free jazz musician)
Clones of the Queen (dreampop)
House of Wolves (indie folk)
Anna-Kaisa Liedes (Finnish folk musician)
PATCH (industrial rock)
The Vultures Quartet (English experimental band)
Tori Wrånes (Norwegian singer and multi-instrumentalist)
Shield Your Eyes (noise duo)

My mixing fee is per track. All editing should be done in advance. I won't do auto-tune, drum replacement or arrangement. I need to work efficiently with the tracks you're giving me because this is a flat fee. My price is strictly for mixing. For any other services, please inquire first. Turnaround time is about 1 week (7 days).

Clones of the Queen - Moonlight

  • Clones of the Queen - Moonlight
  • PATCH - Typosgraphy
  • Shield Your Eyes - Ritual Part I

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