Industry standard, Distribution ready Mixing Analog & Digital service for $125

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Industry standard, Distribution ready Mixing Analog & Digital service for $125

Your songs will sound like the pros!

I am a professional audio engineer with over 15 years of studio and live engineering experience. I work on all genres with a specialty of Pop, R&B, Afrobeats, Hip Hop/Rap, Trap, and Electronic/EDM. My clients consist of major label artist, independent artist and corporate from all around the world.

I will bring the sonics out and add to the vibes of your song!

2track & Vocals(10 vocals or less) $80
25 stems or less $125
25 to 50 stems $200
50 to 75 stems $275

*If you have more than 75 stems I will create a custom discount package for you!*

**This is for mixing only, please send comped timed and arranged files only. Additional fees if comping and timing is needed**

I accept pro tool sessions as well

Contact me today to schedule your mix!!

*Ask about ep, albums, and soundtrack discounted mixing packages if needed!*

Send full details of what you need in you mix. If you have specific mixing needs I can customize your proposal!

*Money Back Guarantee (50% refund if you use revisions, No refund after 2 revisions)*

I will deliver:
MP3 (Stereo)
WAV (Stereo 16b 44.1khz)
HQ WAV (Stereo 24b 96Khz)

Clean/Radio versions starts at $50, price varies based on the amount of lyric cleaning needed. Please send lyric sheets.

Please contact me for any questions or other information!

  • Pop
  • R&B
  • Trap
  • Rap
  • EDM
  • Reggae

Monster High - True Monster Heart

True Monster Heart is a song I mixed for the Nickelodeon & Paramont+ Movie Monster High
  • Monster High - True Monster Heart
  • Jessica Lloyce - What Are We All Doing? ft Lyric Rachae
  • ZXIRE - Harvey Dent
  • Brittney Crush - Big Joke
  • Deavion ft Chechi Sarai - Feel Reel
  • B. Lamont - Youz a Gangsta Freestyle
  • Skool & Dre ft Lee Mo x That Feeling Prod By Skool & Dre

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