I will produce a bespoke edm remix for $215

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I will produce a bespoke edm remix for $215

Are you in search of a top-tier EDM remix for your track? Your quest ends here!

Welcome to a gig that goes beyond the ordinary remix. We specialize in delivering a complete musical transformation, turning your song or radio hit into a radio-friendly EDM masterpiece.

Customization is our forte. While we prefer working with stems, particularly vocal tracks, we can adapt to any audio source. The only prerequisite is a 4/4 time signature for EDM compatibility.

What You'll Gain:

Full Production: Your track undergoes a complete overhaul.
High-Quality WAV File: Premium audio output for your masterpiece.
Separate/Stem Files: Flexibility for future adjustments.
Mixing and Mastering: Expert precision to ensure brilliance.
Project Files (Available on Request): Full creative control.
Commercial and Exclusive Rights: Complete ownership of your work.
But that's not all. We also offer add-ons such as project files, dry stems, and more.

We're proficient in various EDM sub-genres, including:

Slap House
Tropical House
Tech House
Deep House
Melodic Techno
Your satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us before placing your order to discuss your unique project.

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