MIXING & MASTER for $115

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MIXING & MASTER for $115

Hi, Nice to meet you! My name is Juan Ignacio Sueyro. I'm a musician, multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, composer, arranger and producer, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I have a great studio in my house, that includes on the gear AKG mics and headphones, Yamaha H8 studio monitors, a MacBook Pro provided with Waves, Alliance, FabFilters, Analog, Addictive Keys & Addictive Drums, Spectrasonics and Native Instruments plugins. And also, a Focusrite audio interface.

In my studio i could record in a profesional audio quality instruments such as drums, percussion, guitars, basses, piano & electric piano, synths, winds, brasses, strings and voice. And also, programing VST to give to the music all the timbral qualities that you need.

In my personal develop as a musician, I discover the percussion as my first passion with music. And later, I found that I really wanted to achieve a personal voice through my search as a singer, as an instrumentalist, as a composer/arranger and later, also as a producer. I have more than 25 years playing, recording and touring with music. Through my personal catalog, I've recorded and played with a bunch of talented musicians (almost all, from Argentina and South America), like Ernesto Snajer (Pedro Aznar, Mercedes Sosa), Tiki Cantero (Aca Seca, La bomba de Tiempo, Pan Percusión), Juan Pablo Di Leone (Tatiana Parra, Carlos Aguirre, Andrés Beewsaert, Yotam Silberstein), Lucía Boffo, Nadia Larcher, Rafael Martini (Brazilian musician and composer ), among many others.

In my role as an audio engineer, I could give to you not only the individual audio stems for all the individual tracks in a folder, but also a master mix bounced in a 48000 hz / 24 bits format. I'm also open to have two (2) revision of the job if it's necessary.

I really hope that we can work together in you music!

Best regards,


  • Neo soul
  • Pop-Rock
  • World
  • Classical
  • Singer-Songwriter


World music, Jazz, Singer Songwriter
  • Andaluz
  • Luminarias
  • Quintais
  • Lo puesto y nada más
  • Distancia
  • Zamba amanecida
  • Impresión increíble
  • Algo
  • El río de ellas
  • Silbando, ando
  • Cuestión de perspectivas
  • Azul
  • En el fin, espero

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