Vocal Pitch Correction, Mix, and Master in 48 hrs for $135

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Vocal Pitch Correction, Mix, and Master in 48 hrs for $135

Take your song to the next level!!! With over 178 reviews, a 5 Star rating, and a 100% success ratio for our custom work, you can trust I.T.B. Audio Solutions to take your songs to the next level!!!
Since 2016, from the U.S., to Europe,to Russia, to South Korea & South America, as well as the Caribbean, we provide audio solutions across the globe.
I.T.B. Audio Solutions will correct those vocal tracks, making them pitch perfect with top of the line Industry tools! After we're done with correcting the vocals, we then slap a mix on your song, and finally master it all in 24 hours..... for only $135. This price is designed to fit in any musician's or studio's budget that is under a "tight" time-line. Most importantly, our work is top notch! Vocal pitch correction can save you the extra work of going back to re-record your vocal tracks over and over again until you obtain the perfect vocal track. With over 18+ years experience in post production work, I.T.B. Audio Solutions can meet your audio needs. REVIEWS: Since we do custom offers based on need, Check out ALL our reviews @: https://www.airgigs.com/user/ItbAudio
VOCAL PITCH CORRECTION: NOTE: Due to the manual editing required for Vocal Pitch correction this offer applies only to 1 Lead Vocal Track, add $10 for each additional vocal track requiring vocal pitch correction. If the additonal vocal track is a "Harmony" track to an existing vocal track, add $20....due to the additional time necessary to ensure align pitch with the other tracks.
CUSTOM OFFERS: Have other audio needs??? Need a quote for an EP or Album? Need just a mix? Just a master? Only want a single vocal track brought into tune, making it near pitch perfect? Need specific instruments added to your song? Need special effects added to your tracks? No worries...message us for the audio needs you have, and we'll quote you a custom offer based on the work that needs to be performed. SENDING FILES: go to: www.itbaudio.wetransfer.com

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