I.T.B Audio Solutions offers affordable post production services to recording professionals and musicians.
I.T.B Audio Solutions was established to meet a growing need within the Recording and Production Industry...the need to reduce the cost associated with audio productions. Specifically, the cost associated with audio:
- Mixing
- Mastering
- Track Editing/Comping
- Vocal pitch correction
- Backing Harmonies

With the advent of the digital world, collaboration across the globe has evolved into a standard practice. What was impossible years ago, is completely possible today. Yesterday’s barriers exist no longer.
While U.S. based, I.T.B Audio Solutions has worked collaboratively with individuals not only in the U.S., but also Europe to mix, master, and edit audio productions.

If you are a musician, I.T.B Audio Solutions offers extremely high quality services with rates that are more than affordable on a musician's budget.

If you are a studio needing to outsource some of the back end services you provide, I.T.B Audio Solutions is your "go to" answer.

I.T.B Audio Solutions can reduce the costs associated with your audio productions through the services it provides.

Mixing, Mastering, Track Editing, Comping, and Vocal Pitch Correction and creating Backing Vocal Harmonies take expertise...as well as time...and that time can eat a hole in any studio’s budget. Add to that the inability to find and hire quality people that can do the work, and it almost becomes overwhelming. REDUCE YOUR COSTS, AND INCREASE PROFITS by outsourcing your audio work to I.T.B Audio Solutions. No need to hire additional employees to meet “crunch times”...... Outsource your work to us.... You will not regret it.