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EDM Remixes for $375

This service allows for a remix of one song that is owned/copyrighted by the artist. Main sub genres of EDM I remix in are House, Future Bass, and Trap. Check out my soundcloud here for remixes I've done: https://soundcloud.com/djsangarang

My studio consists of two KRK ROKIT 5 monitors, a Macbook Pro 2021, 81-key piano, MPK 225 MIDI Controller, Ableton Live 9 Suite, and Logic Pro X. I also have Fabfilter plug-in's, WAV plug-ins, Soothe 2, Izotope, and a ton of samples that I use for unique sounds.

  • House
  • EDM

Martin Thomas - Time (Sangarang Remix)

Client wanted an extended house remix to play at clubs. Original was an 80's inspired theme.
  • Martin Thomas - Time (Sangarang Remix)
  • Goldthread - Legacy (Sangarang Remix)

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