Absolute PRO Mixing and Mastering 100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for $148

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Absolute PRO Mixing and Mastering 100 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for $148

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my mixing and mastering gig, I do 100% money back guarantee if you're not satisfied. So you have nothing to lose!

Don't forget to have a listen to my audio samples, and always compare between different mixes.

I'm keen that I'll be able to bring your music into it's full potential, sounding full and big, with commercial quality.

I'm a "modern mixer" and excels at Pop/Hip-Hop/R&B or any kind of modern music, and also able to mix in any other kinds of acoustic genre like Metal, Rock etc. I like mixes to be big sounding that you're able to feel the width and most importantly, the depth in the mix. I have a crazy work ethic that will do anything to make sure you'll be leaving with your projects with 1000 big smiles on your face!

My studio is acoustically treated to be super accurate with superb monitoring systems, and a few great gears, this allows me to nail your projects flawlessly in no time!

I know how frustrating it is when it comes to describing the sound you're looking for, but no worries, just send me some reference tracks and we will work towards that direction of your choice and not be lost.

Please contact me if you're having any sort of question that I did not specified over here. I'm OPEN FOR NEGOTIATION if you have a few songs to be mix and master, or if your track counts are less than 10, or etc etc.

*All files that required time alignment should be done before submitting your files to me. As for Vocal Tuning, its included in the mixing package :) There will be a little amount of additional charges if there's more than 3 Vocal tracks to be tuned as it will be very time consuming and labor intensive.

Protools, Reaper, Antelope Audio, Motu, Portico, Bettermaker, Waves, Fab-filter, Synchro arts, Eiosis, Weiss, Neumann, Auratone, Adams

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