Vocal Edits For Pro Results for $50

In Mixing In Audio Editing By Sean Mott

Vocal Edits For Pro Results for $50

Vocals are usually the MOST important part of your mix, and even the best singers in the world need help editing their vocal tracks. I will fix your vocal tracks that have the following issues:

1. Out of tune (sharp or flat)
2. Room noise
3. Crackling/hissing/other audio problems

I have over a decade of experience editing vocal tracks using pro audio editing software that can transform your recordings, including Melodyne (way better than Autotune), iZotope RX 10 Advanced, Soothe 2 (for taming transients), and Waves audio editing software (X-Click, X-Noise, etc.).

In addition, I can send your vocals through professional software and hardware compressors and EQs to give it the "sheen" that is standard in the industry.

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