Glitch free natural sounding pitch and timing correction for lead vocal track for $80

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Glitch free natural sounding pitch and timing correction for lead vocal track for $80

Hi, I'm Ed.

I'm extremely passionate about vocal editing as it can either make or break a song. In a lot of releases I hear edited vocals that are glitchy, robotic, or have an inconsistent tone as a result of rushed pitch correction and this really gets me down. The fact is, pitch is just one element of the many things that need to be considered when correcting vocals.

Formants, timing, modulation, note transition speed, amplitude and sibilance all need to be addressed for the best possible result and this is something that macro/automatic tools don't deliver. Instead I use the full version of Melodyne, a programme which I have years of experience in using, and adjust each note, syllable and breath individually. This takes time and focus, but it is something I very much enjoy. After I finish working on the vocals, I always go back to them at least 12 hours later for fresh second review. This is the reason for the 48 hour delivery time.

I have a background in working with amateur bands and young artists, who don't always have the best vocal recordings either because the performances weren't the best or the recording conditions weren't studio grade. That's totally fine! I have a track record in finding ways to make a vocal work.

I believe in honesty and managing expectations. If there is a note or phrase that I feel I am not able to fix to the level I believe it needs to be, I will be the first to point it out. I also want your experience to be free of any anxiety. I've been a buyer on airgigs myself and I know what it's like to not know if you're going to like the results but may still have to pay. For this reason I offer a money-back guarantee as well as a large number of revisions.

Example 1: Before

Excerpt of raw vocal with flat notes, inconsistent amplitude, minor timing issues and diction problems
  • Example 1: Before
  • Example 1: After

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