Mix engineer for commercial quality mixing and production for $60

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Mix engineer for commercial quality mixing and production for $60

I have years of experience with music production, mixing and mastering, and have delivered multiple projects for commercial use.
I am very open to suggestions and want to incorporate ideas and get feedback and revise it until you are satisfied.

My clients have got their song/music mixed to have a clean sonic quality, analog warmth, and have intricate details to have it maximum potential reached. I will give my best to satisfy your vision as I want to collaborate while in the process and get feedback and revisions, how you want in your mix. I assure you that your music is mixed in the highest of quality and make sure it sounds equally good in the speaker monitors, headphones and earphones and ensure it has the competitive volume level and dynamics.

P.S. My works are very much comparable to any of the top service provider here in AirGigs and at the moment my price rate is lower for now to build up my portfolio, I hope you take advantage of that : ).

Please do message me, so that I can send you custom offer.

My Gears for mixing and mastering include:
- Mac Studio
- LUNA and Reaper as DAW
- Apollo Interface which has high quality DSP and AD/DA Converters
- Neve Summing Mixer
- Analog Pre-Amps
- Yamaha HS-8 monitors
- WA76 F.E.T Compressor
- Studio Headphones and Apple earphones for references
- Most of the analog quality UAD plugins along with other industry standard plugins
- UF8 Control Surface

Looking forward to working with you!
Best Regards

  • Ambient
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Reggae
  • World

Koto San

A fusion song with lush synths and a dramatic finale
  • Koto San
  • Deep End
  • Back to the city
  • Digital Cities
  • Through the Mountain Mists
  • Half Awake

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