Vocal Engineering / Mixing / Mastering for $100

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Vocal Engineering / Mixing / Mastering for $100

My name is Scot and I'm a producer / engineer apart of 808 Mafia. I've been producing for 11 years and engineering for 6.

My work has collectively achieved millions of streams across platforms in the categories of engineering and production.

I offer an inclusive package of vocal engineering, stem mixing, and mastering.

Package Includes:
-Radio-ready Master (wav.)
-Autotune / Pitch Correction
-30 stem limit for instrumental, 12 stem limit for vocals
-Noise reduction, compression & EQing
-Industry Standard Plugins (Slate Digital, Waves, Izotope, FabFilter, Soundtoys, Gullfoss, Soothe2, etc.)
- 3 revisions ($10 per revision after)

  • Hip Hop
  • Rap

Ylti - Sweet Thing

Over 10 Million Streams across Platforms!
  • Ylti - Sweet Thing

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