Professional Mixing and Mastering for $100

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Professional Mixing and Mastering for $100

TOP RATED STUDIO PRO - 8 years in the industry.
I`m always taking care of the "vibe and soul" of my mix like a musician.
As an engineer: I bring out the best possible quality from the raw record.
✅I have been tutored by Andrew Scheps, Grammy-winning mixing & recording engineer who mixed for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Ziggy Marley, Hozier, Kaleo.

Love to work with: Hip-Hop, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Electronic, Country, Afro-beat, Live & Acoustic records.

What you will get:
✅ clear, smooth, and warm-sounding modern mix & master with punchy drums, wide stereo image, controlled dynamics, and airy vocals without harshness.
✅ mix that translates well onto all types of sound systems (earbuds, cell phones, small speakers, car, laptop, etc)
✅ processing includes (Editing*, Noise reduction, Equalization (static & dynamic), Compression: Multiband / Parallel, Panning, De-essing, Autotune, Automation, Saturation, Effects, Analog processing, Vocal Pitch Correction/tuning with Melodyne, Mastering, Other work).
✅HQ 24-Bit/48 kHz wave file
✅320 kbps mp3 file

What I use?:
- Professional analog units: EQ, Distressor, Compressor
- HQ plugins: Soundtoys, Waves, SSL, iZotope, etc.
- Professional monitoring system in a treated room.

My portfolio:

*Editing in offer is free for two tracks. If song has a lot of issues with rhythm and synchronization then every additional track editing will cost 5$ due to its time consuming nature.

  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Rock

Hip-Hop - Mixing & Mastering

  • Hip-Hop - Mixing & Mastering
  • Experimental Dubstep - Mixing & Mastering
  • Jazz Ballad - Mixing & Mastering
  • Traditional Jazz - Mixing & Mastering
  • Electronic Rock - Mixing & Mastering

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