Modern Mix Youll Feel in Your Bones for $295

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Modern Mix Youll Feel in Your Bones for $295

Whether this is your first single or you’ve already racked up a streaming discography, I’m here to guide you through the mixing process—smooth and effortless. You bring the bangers, and I’ll ensure that you have everything you need to go straight to New Music Friday. You’ll rest easy knowing your bases are covered and your audio is first-rate.

I hear you.

I want to know what makes you tick. To get inside the song and understand it the way you do. The initial mix pass is only the beginning. I’m gonna go all in and show you how I believe your song is best presented. But it’s when we put our heads together that the real magic happens.

And not only am I listening to you, I’m hearing your music in stunning detail. My studio’s acoustics and PMC monitors are dialed in so I’m confident that what I’m hearing is the truth. You’ll have no doubt that your work will translate in all listening environments, from the studio to the car, earbuds, and even phone speakers.

It’s not up to me to second-guess your vision. My role is to execute it—no excuses. Whether it’s a single or an album, I’ll see your project through until everyone involved is proud of what you’ve created.

We’re in this together.

No, I’m not talking about talking a cut of your streaming revenue. But I do want our work together to to reach the largest possible audience. I’m willing to share any advice or experience I may have if it’s going to help your release be a success. And when your song comes out, you bet I’m gonna share publicly.


Send me your multitrack or stems as either a folder of WAV files or a Pro Tools session with plugins committed (you're in charge of the edits, comps, and tuning) and your current rough mix. We'll have a conversation about reference tracks, influences, and your direction for the song. All along the way, I'm here to make the process stress-free.

After an initial mix pass I'll address any notes you have, and you'll walk away with a release-ready and fully mastered stereo WAV file to upload to the distributor of your choice.

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  • Pop-Rock
  • Rock
  • Funk
  • Punk
  • Singer-Songwriter

Pop - BINX

Letters To My Dad
  • Pop - BINX
  • Indie Pop - Drawing Mazes
  • Punk - STERLING
  • Alt Pop - tagfisher
  • Blues Acoustic - Sam O'Hare & Danny Garrett
  • Pop - BINX
  • EDM - Gene Back
  • Americana - Sam O'Hare
  • Indie Rock - Alex Prezzano
  • Pop R&B Instrumental - ill melons

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