Professional Mixing Services - Hybrid Analog / Digital for $150

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Professional Mixing Services - Hybrid Analog / Digital for $150

Professional mixing services. Ideally, I work best with someone who understands the value of having a Mastering Engineer take my mixes the final step. I don't "slap it into my template" and crank out projects; rather, I take great care in delivering a finished product both technically solid and musically creative.

I also should mention that I do very well coaxing the most out of home-made projects or sub-par recordings. Got something magical recorded? Lets see what we can do with a little polish.

I love doing this, and I believe my mixing samples speak for themselves. I only take on projects that I believe in, so lets explore?

My History: I am a 20+ year veteran of music production and mixing, but have I focused the last 3 years of my life honing Mixing skills in particular. My samples are a reflection of practice, seeking growth opportunity, hard work, refining my skills, and bringing musicality into the world of mix engineering.

My Studio: it may not look like much, but consider it a bit like the Millennium Falcon. she got it where it counts.. I mix on professional grade Focal monitors in a tuned and treated mix-centric studio where I run a Protools / UAD rig with analog gear from SSL, API, A Designs, Grace, Warm Audio, and AEA and hundreds of plugins from UAD, Soundtoys, Waves, Brainworx, etc.

Credits: I don't have a ton professional credits yet but you can find my recent (what I would consider 'finally professional grade!" work under my Artist name (Mark Adam Bennett), The Evolving Self, Desi and Cody, Chris Cleveland (Stars Go Dim), Robert Hoefling, The Dusty Pearls, etc. Most of my work (for decades) was most in the service of the Church so is uncredited, but I look forward to changing that.

I can handle virtually unlimited tracks (some of these sample productions you're hearing are 100+ tracks) and will provide up to 3 mix revisions per song- I aim to get it right the first time but I understand sometimes changes are part of the process. While I am a confident in my editing and tuning skills, I do prefer projects that are at least 'ready to mix' - I'd love to put all my efforts into bringing the production to life as opposed to Editing, though if there is a need we can discuss options.

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