Pro Mixing in Commerical Los Angeles Recording Studio for $300

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Pro Mixing in Commerical Los Angeles Recording Studio for $300

Hello, my name is John and I’ve been a professional full-time engineer in Los Angeles for over 20 years. I’m very lucky to have been a part of Platinum certified and Grammy winning projects. I’m equally happy to be working with international touring acts as well as local singer/songwriters…..and everything in between. I’ll mix your song in a world-class commercial recording studio (included in the price) on professional mixing console/control-surface using a combination of plugins AND classic analog outboard gear. Your mixes will be analog summed…..NOT “bounced to disc”. I have a ton of tricks to specifically bring your drums to life: adding or re-micing room mics, re-micing a bottom snare, and checking all of your drum tracks’ phase. Can offer SLIGHT pitch correction to vocals. I’m very comfortable mixing in all genres of music. In fact, I totally dig variety. In the end it’s all about THE SONG. Please note that that’s my studio with my gear in the pictures. Not me posing in someone else’s studio. That’s the equipment I’ll be using to mix your song!

Here’s how it works: Send me your consolidated (all the same length, with same start time) wav files and any notes/thoughts on direction, including influences. I’ll send you and mp3 for review. Send me your notes for a up to 2 mix revisions. Upon your approval, I send you a stereo mastered wav file, an unmastered mix, and an instrumental mix. Any additional recalls will be at an extra fee. I know I'm not the cheapest mixer on this site......but do you really want a cheap mix?????

I’ve had the pleasure to be the recording engineer and/or mixer for:
Tokio Hotel, Donna Summer, Doug Fieger (The Knack), Steven Piercy (Ratt), Kathy Valentine (The Go-Go’s), Gregg Bissonette (David Lee Roth, Ringo Star Band), Lee Sklar (session bassist), Thomas Lang (session drummer), Brad Oberhofer (Oberhofer), Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper), Charlie Bisharat (session violinist), Ellis Hall (singer, pianist), Aleta Braxton (Opera Singer), The Electric Barbarellas (MTV reality singing group), Busted Knuckles (local metal band), etc, etc.

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