Drum Editin/Mixing for $35

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Drum Editin/Mixing for $35

I'll mix your multi-tracked drum set (acoustic or electric)

I'll take your recorded drums and add the appropriate processing to bring them up to industry standards.

I've recorded well over 200 tracks on drums and know how to make a great recording and turn it into a fantastic drum mix.

Please note that I can't fix a bad recording. If your drum tracks were recorded poorly or in a bad room with lots of bleed between different microphones, then I won't be able to fix those issues.

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Funk
  • R&B

Example 1_RAW Drums

Before Drum Mix
  • Example 1_RAW Drums
  • Example 1_Mixed Drums
  • Example_2_RAW Drums
  • Example_2_Mixed Drums
  • Example_3_RAW Drums
  • Example_3_Mixed Drums

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