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Online Mixing for $200

Nashville based and Grammy award winning mixing engineer. I have worked with Taylor Swift, Collective Soul, Rob Thomas, Faith Hill and many more artists. I work in Pro Tools and I also use analog gear so my mixing is a hybrid. Track count really doesn't matter as long as it isn't to crazy big, whatever it take to make a good song. I am happy to do the mix and then let you make several comments and revisions.

Reference songs and rough mixes are highly encouraged because I know it can be difficult to describe what you're looking for.

I prefer to mix into a mastering chain so you're essentially getting a free mastered mix!

*Properly Prepared Files: All required editing (time alignment, drum replacement/sampling, and vocal tuning should be completed prior to submission for mixing/mastering. If you need these services, I can facilitate that for an additional cost.

Please label audio/MIDI files clearly (ex: Kick, Snare, Ld Vocal, Bass DI, Bass Amp, etc..)

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  • Pop-Rock
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  • Americana
  • Latin

Maggie Rose - Inevitable

Mixed By Aaron Chmielewski
  • Maggie Rose - Inevitable
  • Jacob Davis - James Brown
  • Maggie Rose - More Dreams Than Dollars
  • Kyle Daniels - God Bless America

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