Transform bedroom vocals to radio-ready rap songs for $75

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Transform bedroom vocals to radio-ready rap songs for $75

No expensive studio equipment? No problem — your listeners will never hear the difference!

My name is Carlo, and I'm a mix engineer who specializes in turning amateur home recordings over YouTube/Beatstars instrumentals into professional sounding songs that BUMP.

You’re a musician, not an audio engineer. So why not do what you do best, and just focus on your music? I can make you sound like a pro with mixes that fans would never believe were recorded in your bedroom.

Say goodbye to muddy and uneven vocals that don’t blend at all with the beat. Get rid of distracting noises, loud breaths, and annoying frequencies that scream amateur regardless of your recording equipment.

I will have the first draft over to you in 48 hours (often less) and you get up to 3 revisions absolutely free of charge. This is for your benefit, as I aim to improve the initial mix using fresh ears the day after resulting in higher quality work and less back and forth exchanges with each other.

And if you're not satisfied, I will send 100% of your money back with no questions asked.

- You record in spaces with less than ideal conditions (i.e. air conditioner, zero acoustic panels, etc.)
- You create songs over complete beats from BeatStars and/or YouTube without track stems
- You don't have the budget for high quality studio monitors and proper mixing headphones
- You'd rather focus your time and energy on making songs instead of studying mixing and mastering

Please note that this is a NICHE SERVICE — at the moment, I can only accept projects from for rappers with vocals over fully mixed beats. If your project includes individual stems from a beat and need that mixed as well, this is NOT the project for you.

If all that sounds good to you, go ahead and order the service — I can't wait to get started and help you make high-quality music!

  • Rap

"Under the Yoke" by Audible MCs

Recorded in 4 different bedroom studios (with zero acoustic treatment) with 4 different microphones during the height of the pandemic.
  • "Under the Yoke" by Audible MCs
  • "On My Way" by One3D

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