In Mixing In Audio Editing 100% Guarantee By Tom-Star


I will edit, cut empty spaces, clean, add equalizer, compression, de-noise your vocals and add effects such as delay and reverb as you request. also i will mix your stems to make a fully balanced song for mastering.


If you don't know how, look up how to export stems from the program that you use. If you are stuck, send me a message.

I will mix your song/beat using (but not limited to) the following:
Level Balancing
Stereo Panning
Multiband Compression
Automation (volume, effects sends, and more)


I will be:
Widening the mix as a whole
Create a clean and cohesive feeling across all your audio
Maximizing loudness to get your track radio-ready with high quality

Please zip your stem files including a reference.

I'm a record producer and an artist myself, I have recorded, mixed and mastered many records including other artists through my studio services,
I have been play listed on radio and featured on blogs and Spotify playlists. i assure you i will mix your song and make it a well balanced audio ready to get mixed and Distributed to the world.

Hit me up and lets get your music mixed and mastered within 2 days(typically a day).

  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
  • Soul
  • Trap

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