Spotify Mix and Mastering for $65

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Spotify Mix and Mastering for $65

I will provide Spotify- Full mastering of a single song, insuring the song is commercially ready for streaming platforms.

**Contact me first so I can better understand your needs**

What Your MIX and MASTERING Will Get:

Pitch-correction (if needed and you want)
Customized EQ (to add clarity and punch)
Stereo Widening
Strategic Compression (to add energy)
High Quality WAV and MP3 File
Harmonic Exciter
Warm Saturation
Dynamic Automation
Gain Enhancements
Stereo Imaging
Creative fx
Commercial Standard Volume Level

What do I need from you ?

Audio tracks (stems) of your song in preferably WAV or MP3 format.
Please No project files such as Logic/Live/FL project files. If in doubt contact me so we can sort any problem out!

I specialize within the Trap / R&B / Boombap and rap songs but I can mix and master all genres.

  • Hip Hop
  • Pop
  • Funk
  • Trap

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