Modern & Engaging Mixing/Mastering for $60

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Modern & Engaging Mixing/Mastering for $60

Let me guess. You have put your heart and soul into writing, producing and recording your song. I get it, it's special. Maybe you did it all by yourself, maybe you hired someone to help you out. The bottom line is that you now have this material full of potential and possibilities. And you want it to sound as good as it can get, so it may match all your hard work and talent. Well... Hi there.

My motto while mixing is to always deliver a clear, dynamic, punchy and creative product. Something that will sound equally professional and original, with personality and that "something else". You may take care of the "content" with songwriting and production, but mixing is the major step that will shape the format and how your "message" is delivered. The goal is to always leave a mark on the listener, to make them want more and more of your song.

In order to offer you the fairest rate, I'll use the number of tracks (or stems) as reference. I have the following packs ready for you:
1. Up to 8 Tracks: $60
2. Up to 25 Tracks: $110
3. More than 25 Tracks: $150

As a bonus, each pack also includes the mastering of your song.

I know that sometimes the quality of the material and overall recording conditions prevail and don't allow us to have the sound we hoped for. I'm always up to discuss how much I think I can fix or work around.

You can find some demos of my work in the 'Audio' tab. For more info, please check my profile, where you will find reviews from clients who can vouch for my work. If the style of your song isn't anywhere near any of the examples on my portfolio, that's OK. Let's talk so I may tell you if I'm comfortable working with that particular style.

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